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Where to Watch Villanova Basketball Live Stream

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Villanova Basketball

It’s no longer necessary to pay for an expensive cable and satellite TV package to watch your favorite college basketball team. Join a streaming service subscription and customize your TV channel lists to your viewing activity

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Streaming services cut out the lag from unreliable online recordings and deliver the network TV you’ve always enjoyed but from a cheaper connection. Don’t worry about lagging footage that frustrates you, live streams from credited sites are action packed and smoothly connected.

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Can I watch the Villanova Wildcats games online?

Yes! This season you can watch the Villanova Wildcats play against the other Big East conference teams online.

You can watch the Wildcats’ games on any stream that carries the tv channel that airs the game. This year the main channel that airs the games is Fox Sports 1 – before you join a streaming service make sure they carry this channel.

Villanova Wildcats games onlineSource: Villanova Athletics at https://villanova.com/sports/mens-basketball

How can I stream the Villanova Wildcats game?

This year, every Saturday and Tuesday, tune into Fox Sports 1 (FS1) to support the Wildcats. The following streaming services all carry the live tv channel that airs the Villanova university games.

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Streaming is not too different from live tv – just sign into your account and select your the right live tv channel (the Fox live stream) and see the Villanova Wildcats win the National Championship for the 4th time.

Streaming is all about convenience – all your favorite channels and shows are put onto one platform for your ease. No more channel surfing needed when you only pay for the content you regularly watch.

Fubo TV

The Fubo Sports Plus package is $74.99/month and carries the FS1 channel.

Subscribers can watch 90 channels, record up to 250 hours on Cloud DVR and have 3 users stream at the same time.

Fubo’s service is more expensive than some others but with so many channels, DVR space and simultaneous users – this package may have everything you need.

Click here for the full Fubo TV channel list

fuboTV Streaming Service

Watch On Fubo TV

DirecTV Stream

You can watch Villanova on FOX and FS1 as part of the DirecTV Stream package for $69.99/month.

DirecTV has 65 channels, Unlimited Cloud DVR and up to 20 users can stream simultaneously.

DirecTV may be a more expensive service but for households with many users this service can offer uninterrupted and shared viewing. For fraternities, college dorms or for roommates this feature is fantastic.

Click here for a full DirecTV Stream channel list


Watch On DirecTV Now


Hulu doesn’t just make great tv shows and movies that your family already loves, it also streams FOX channels so you can watch Villanova college basketball.

For $69.99/month you can watch 70 live tv channels and record 50 hours on Cloud DVR. Hulu offers expansion packages for more Cloud DVR space, Unlimited screens and skippable ads.

Hulu is a great service for those with diverse viewing activities. If you’re watching The Handmaid’s Tale on Tuesday and Villanova sports on Saturday afternoon – you need a service with variety.

Click here for the full Hulu TV channel list.

Hulu Streaming Service

Watch On Hulu

YouTube TV

For $64.99/month you could use YouTube TV to enjoy men’s college basketball highlight reels and watch the Villanova Wildcats live.

YouTube carries 60 channels, let’s users record Unlimited amounts on the Cloud DVR and have 3 simultaneous users stream.

Click here for the full YouTube TV channel list.

This package would be ideal for people looking for convenience and entertainment when picking their streaming service. So many people spend numerous hours on YouTube anyway, with this package you can skip ads, watch your favorite sports and so many other live tv channels AND get exclusive YouTube content.

YouTube TV

Watch On Youtube TV


You can watch the Villanova Wildcats games on FS1 on the AT&T TV package for 94.99/month.

Subscribers can watch 65 channels, record up to 20 hours on Cloud DVR and have 20 simultaneous users. You could upgrade to Unlimited DVR for an extra $10/month. This package is more expensive than others but would be suitable for a household with many devices and users where the bill can be divided – like a fraternity or sorority house.

Click here for the full AT&T TV channel list


The Sling Orange Sports package is only $46/month, so you can watch Uconn on Fox Sports 1. This is the cheapest streaming package and is specifically customized for the type of live tv you regularly watch – just the sports channels.

Sling Orange subscribers can access 30 channels and record up to 50 hours of Cloud DVR. For $5 extra you can expand the Cloud DVR and have more than 1 user stream at a time.

Click here for the full Sling Orange channel list. This package is ideal for broke college students looking to have premium access to sports and a few other channels.

Watch Sling TV

Watch On Sling TV

If you want to watch men’s college basketball and your other favorite sports team, you don’t have to have cable!

Streaming services offer live sports games for tv access. It’s the smarter option with no hidden fees or unwatched channels. Stay connected and updated this season.

Visit https://cordcuttingreviews.com/ for more on how to join a stream subscription.

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