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Where to Watch Kansas University Basketball Online? (5 Channels For You)

Kansas Jayhawks games are now broadcast exclusively on ESPN+ Fans will only be able to access Jayhawks games on the nationwide channel, app, or on ESPN.com

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Baylor vs. Kansas

This is because the Big 12 Conference partnered 12 institutions with ESPN+ to better expose its athletes and sports teams. Now fans can only watch Kansas Jayhawks on this channel or with a service that can live stream it.

If you’re a cord-cutter (someone who wants to cancel a cable package), luckily there are other ways to support your Kansas university teams. But now more than ever, it can feel like watching your favorite sports team is a real competitive game.

TV cable packages are expensive and figuring out which channel or network is playing the game is its own exercise.

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Visit the Jayhawks’ Website

On the Kansas Jayhawks site, you can find out more about the Big 12 agreement with ESPN+ and how the Big 12 will bring new opportunities for college basketball as well as for all Kansas Jayhawks athletes.

The Big 12 ESPN+ institutions are now able to represent their athletes across the country. The three channels will also have exclusive game-day and college basketball content as part of the agreement, there will be a minimum of 50 events for fans to watch Kansas Jayhawks online.

Click here to learn more or stay updated with the Kansas Jayhawks.

Choose a Place to Watch

Since viewing the games is limited to the ESPN+ channel, there are only 2 ways to watch the men’s basketball games.

Join ESPN+ and watch through the app, TV channel, or online.

This is the conventional and classic way to watch sports. Whether it’s a loud and bustling bar on a February night or watching on the TV in the comfort of your own living room couch.

ESPN+ is all about continuing and optimizing the typical Kansas Jayhawks games. You can turn on your TV and watch the live tv broadcast. You can use the ESPN app on a laptop, tablet, or phone and watch Kansas Jayhawks games on a smaller screen. Or you can watch a live stream of the Kansas Jayhawks at ESPN.com

Join a streaming service that offers ESPN channels.

The days of paying an enormous live TV cable packages are over. Was it ever worth the money? Considering so many of us stick to a few favorite channels anyway?

Downsizing your monthly cable bill to a streaming service subscription is the new normal. Your few favorite tv channels are now all you need to subscribe to (and pay for!).

For more on how to do this, click here for how to ‘cut the cord’ on your cable expenses.

Streaming services act as the library of your TV. All you need to do is search for the right channel and you can now watch everything that streaming service has access to. Streaming is perfect for university students who want to watch sports or exclusive series and movies but can’t afford to pay for entire cable packages.

How to Stream the Jayhawks Game

There are many different streaming services that offer sports channels. But because the Kansas Jayhawks live games will now only be on the ESPN channels, you’ll need to choose a service that has those three channels to stream.

Below are the best streaming services to watch Kansas Jayhawks online. Subscription charges range from $35-69.99/month. Depending on what you would like to stream (just sports or more) and how many users you have (family members and devices), you’ll have to decide if a cheaper or more expensive package is a better fit.

Fubo TV

For $64.99/month FuboTV offers 90 channels, including the ESPN+ channels. FuboTV Subscribers also have plenty of Cloud DVR space to record past Kansas Jayhawks games or shows.

fuboTV Streaming Service

Watch On Fubo TV

Click here for a full list of FuboTV channels

Sling TV

Subscribers can access 30 channels for $35/month on the Sling Orange package. Sling TV also offers an adjustment to their package for sports channels, this is called Sling Blue and its $50/month. Included in the service is Cloud DVR storage and a wide range of devices to connect through.

Watch Sling TV

Watch On Sling TV

Click here for a full list of Sling TV channels

DirectTV Stream

This subscription is the rebranding of AT&T TV and is $69.99/month. Included in the streaming service is 65 channels, Unlimited Cloud DVR recordings, and a range of connected device features.


Watch On DirecTV Now

Click here for a full list of DirectTV Stream channels


The Hulu Live TV package is $69.99/month and includes 70 channels, DVR recordings, and simultaneous user viewing features. Hulu also has a feature to skip ads and or gain access to unlimited screens per subscription.

Hulu Streaming Service

Watch On Hulu

Click here for a full list of Hulu Live TV channels

YouTube TV

YouTube TV does not only have highlights reels of the men’s basketball game, it can now stream nationwide TV channels.

For $64.99/month, you can watch the Kansas Jayhawks and your other favorite sports team on YouTube TV. Subscribers have 60 channels, Unlimited Cloud DVR, and 3-similantaeous users.

YouTube TV

Watch On Youtube TV

Click here for a full list of YouTube TV channels

The Big 12 Conference might have limited how you watch Kansas Jayhawks games, but if you join a streaming app it has made sports and movies easier to watch.

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