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How To Watch Men’s Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Without Cable?

by David Miklos Hazi
Johnny Davis leads the Badgers to win

The world of basketball is changing and has been for the last decade. Ways in which you can watch basketball have switched from only watching on your TV or in the stadium. Now you can watch without cable through streaming.

CordCutting is a unique streaming platform that joins all others in a small hub to give you the ability to search for your team through all basketball streaming platforms; if you don’t need to switch between 5 apps to find your team, don’t.

How to watch the Wisconsin Badgers

To watch basketball, you used to either switch to your sports network or scroll to the channel of your choosing, but now there are more options, and it gives you many more benefits. The main ways to watch basketball today are through; streaming, TV/Cable, or going to the live performance.

The Wisconsin Badgers games are broadcasted using the same cameras and angles for every live stream and live tv you may be watching. The main differences between the options are the experiences and costs of each service.

Live Viewing:

Live games on a Friday night at Kohl Center are said to be unmatched in terms of atmosphere-watching experience. You not only get to watch the brilliant halftime shows, cheerleading and mascots causing chaos. This, paired with the ability to see your players in the flesh while chugging a drink and snacks offered by the stadium, is tough to beat.

The main shortcomings of live games are that your team will lose, your experience will be soured. The fun rivalry between mascots then seems immature and bitter if your team is on the receiving end of any antics.

Live performances can create an unrivaled atmosphere of joy but can have the opposite extreme of feeling depressing and frustrating.

Ticket prices are far more than any subscription to any cable network or streaming platform.

Source: USA Today

Cable or TV Viewing:

In the last 20 years, streaming sport has emerged, but many fans still prefer to watch Wisconsin through the Big Ten network instead of live streaming options. It does seem more straightforward to switch your TV over to another channel such as Fox Sports, Sling TV, or ESPN.

The viewing experience between live TV streaming options and any streaming service is almost identical. The same cameras and angles are used for both. The main difference then comes down to cost and preference. Cable and TV can be more expensive as you pay for expensive network premiums instead of competitive streaming options.

Streaming services:

Streaming basketball is arguably the most affordable option compared to its alternatives of cable TV and expensive ticket prices. What service is the best to watch, though, and how do they compare to each other? The Wisconsin Badgers are a great team and deserve to be viewed with excellent choices and benefits.

Source: DigitBin


watch-sports-on-fubotvFuboTV is one of the most popular college basketball options as almost all teams are broadcasted with them. While FuboTV monthly premiums can seem expensive, they offer after-match viewing as they record games and enable you to rewatch should you want to.

Wisconsin games are one of many that feature on FuboTV. Like TV styles of sports coverage, FuboTV has post-game analytics, highlights, and interviews.

FuboTV offers free trails to encourage subscribers to upgrade to their service. You can try out FuboTV for no additional cost without cable and watch on your phone, TV, or computer. FuboTV can be excellent value for money and an investment for your household. FuboTV has multiple-screen viewing, meaning you and a few other devices can watch different games/sports simultaneously without additional expresses.

Watch ESPN

ESPN logoESPN has joined the streaming platform to convert existing fans from their TV channel. You may have seen ads about their benefits and linked subscription. ESPN for a short time allowed users to use their cable login to watch through ESPN for free.

ESPN has the same style of sports journalism as its TV channel and offers almost identical shows and sports as its TV channel. The cost of Watch ESPN is relatively cheap for streaming costs which makes it a low-cost solution to watch your sport. The Wisconsin Badgers games are stored on ESPN if you want to rewatch any games after they have aired.

YouTube TV

watch-sports-on-youtube-tvYouYube TV is pretty limited to what it offers. Many teams, the Badgers, included live streams through YouTube TV. Its pricing is high with few benefits other services don’t provide. There are free trials for 1-7 days that give a more comprehensive view of the streaming experience on YouTube TV.

It is important to remember that YouTube TV doesn’t show ads to its subscribers, allowing you to watch Wisconsin ad-free. Post-game analytics are limited. Only select players and moments are kept for you to access after the game. Live streams are held and show the complete post-game analysis; however, if you miss it, you can’t watch a rerun.


This platform joins the benefits of many sports streaming sites and allows you to search for your team through a hub of options. If you are searching for a specific match and it’s only offered on select sites, Cordcutting searches through its hub and shows you the best quality options.

Cordcutting is not a generic site. It stores your streaming sites in one place and allows for easy transition between them. Whether it be Hulu, ESPN, FuboTV, Cordcutting searches through them for you according to the sport, team, and match. College Basketball doesn’t allow the best live TV coverage, and Cord-Cutting ensures that you can watch Wisconsin University.

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