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How to Watch UNM Basketball Online? [Ultimate Guide]

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UNM Basketball Court

If you’re looking for a way to watch the University of New Mexico(UNM) fight it out, you’re in luck. In these modern times, streaming is made easy through apps and group streaming platforms that group your services together. Now you can simply open one app and get jump into your streaming service of choice such as ESPN. This is all possible with CordCutting, you don’t even need cable.

The downside to the modern basketball viewer is that it is expensive. To watc2h all the Lobo’s games you need to have either an expensive package deal(some nearly $150 per month), watch them late, or haggle your way with free trials.

What Channel is the UNM Lobos Basketball game on?

The New Mexico Lobos have a contract to broadcast with ESPN. This means you can switch over to the ESPN sports channels and tune in to watch the cowboys at work. If you wish to watch their games live you can live stream their games online through Cord-cutting.

Unfortunately, Basketball matches have different distribution rights for each game. If you want to watch every game live you are cornered to watch them at a high fee.

Should you want to watch on cable simply switch over to the ESPN sports or CBS sports tv channel? The benefit to these is you don’t have to enter a login on devices and can sit back on a Fri to Sun and watch your sport.

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How can I watch the Lobos basketball game?

Aside from purchasing tickets to the stadium you have a few options to watch the Lobos whether it’s January February all the way up to December. Through collaborative apps such as cord-cutting that assemble all sports broadcasters in a small little package, you can have access to every live game needed.

In the case of the university of new Mexico, you can watch most of their games through Mountain West Network. However, the site’s main focus is to generate more stadium ticket revenue over its counterpart of live tv or live stream. They are capable of restricting viewers in their area through GPS navigation and won’t track you but are able to create regional restrictions to try to persuade you into watching the game in the stadium.

How to stream for New Mexico Lobos for Free?

Basketball tries its best to get subscribing viewers but that is not to say that if you don’t have cable you can’t watch. You are able to watch college basketball for free. It does sound too good to be true but you can simply create an account through a streaming site of your choice, such as fuboTV, Hulu, Sling TV, Mountain West Network, and sign up for a free trial.

These free trials will have their own terms and conditions but all can be canceled before you need to pay. This is not a great long-term strategy as it’s a lot of effort and labor to create a new account and email to get a free 1-7 day trial.

If you are looking to window shop a streaming site that suits you these trials are ideal to watch without ads and still supporting the New Mexico Lobos against the Wyoming Cowboys, San Jose State, or any others.

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Which is better to see a game Live?

Whether you prefer to watch your basketball in ‘the Pit’ stadium or on any of the many networks such as ESPN Sports, CBS sports network, streamed on fuboTV, or Sling TV which is a better viewing experience?

In the Pit arena, you get to see college basketball at its highest. Teams screaming at their players, quirky mascots causing a fair amount of chaos, and snacks are the main reasons people enjoy watching in stadiums. The alternative can look better as you can invite over as many friends you have into your household turn on the TV and scroll to your preferred site to stream from.

Pros and Cons of seeing the game live;


  • Likeminded fans all around you
  • Great snacks and drinks
  • Halftime shows
  • Seeing your favorite college basketball players live


  • Stadiums can often be stuffy and uncomfortable
  • Overpriced food
  • Very loud
  • More expensive(individual tickets or season tickets are much more expensive than streaming)
  • You need to travel(Potentially very far)

Pros and Cons of streaming;


  • You can have a viewing party with your friends
  • Enjoy good home-cooked meals or barbeques
  • Freedom to indulge a bit in your favorite beverages on soft couches rather than plastic chairs
  • Volume Control(Everything can be as loud or quiet as you wish)
  • Invite fellow fans and enjoy the privacy of not seeing your opponents fans


  • Limited to the space of your household
  • The energy of seeing the game without friends or family isn’t as fun as seeing the game live by yourself.
  • Hosting

In many fans eyes being in the stadium is fantastic but the cons of watching the game live will build and make for unpleasant viewing in the event of losing and frequent traveling. The benefits of streaming simply outweigh those of the live performance.

Basketball Court ManBasketball Court Man

Source: Fredrick Kearney

What division is the University of New Mexico in?

Whilst currently in the hot seat after losing consecutive games New Mexico’s Lobos continue to fight in NCAA division 1. They began competing for all the way back in 1920 and are sure to turn around their stream of bad luck and dominate the league with some new blood.

It is undeniable that the Lobos have style and atmosphere mostly due to their die-hard fans. They have not had the best opening 2 months of the year with not being able to catch a winning game in Jan at all. Their status as it stands before Valentine’s Day is 8 loses to 3 won.

UNM Lobos UNM Lobos

Source: Albuquerque Journal/Roberto E. Rosales

The team holds their support from the fans as motivation and promises that when they face Wyoming they will stand victorious. Their coach feels that they should be able to claim back stability by December.

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