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Watch The Drexel Basketball Live

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Live streaming has become inescapable in the new modern era of watching TV shows, sports, and movies alike. However, there are many streaming services available, and it can be difficult which suit your needs as a viewer, especially as a fan of Drexel Basketball. Cordcutting is a handy tool in this regard as it searches through many streaming platforms to find the best quality and directs you towards the best option.

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News on Drexel Dragons Streaming

Drexel Dragons stream through a few sites; DragonsTV(made for students of Drexel University), YouTube TV, FuboTV, Watch ESPN, and a few others. The Drexel Dragons Basketball slowly moves out from major streamers and creates their own site.

The Drexel Dragons Basketball is becoming a registered trademark, and this is why their home games are challenging to live stream. Drexel University felt that streaming services are becoming too big to help the students of Drexel directly adequately and have decided to create DragonsTV, where they will eventually only live stream from. The Drexel Dragons also plan to move away from live TV.

Drexel Dragons

Crossing Broad

TV coverage for Drexel Dragons

Viewing for Drexel University is shifting to its own live streaming sites and moving away from cable and TV coverage. The Dragons game still appears on ESPN. However, it will not continue to do so from the 2023 season in the future. The only TV channel showing the Dragons game is ESPN. Support can be given for low prices on DragonsTV with the benefit of tipping players and teams directly from their website and affiliate sites.

Streaming Platforms to watch Drexel Dragons Live


In the long term, DrexelTV will theoretically be the only site to watch the Drexel Dragons from if DragonsTV is a success. Many fans believe that DragonsTV won’t be a solid financial decision, and they will return to more prominent platforms.

DragonsTV offers live coverage and records games for reruns. The site was initially designed for its students but has become a platform to showcase the talent at Drexel University.

The site is very similar to sports streaming and offers the same sports journalism found on other sites and TV. This includes post-game analysis such as highlights, interviews, and talks with players. The service provides the ability to tip teams and players and full season memberships instead of monthly subscriptions.

Dragons TV (@DrexelDragonsTV) / Twitter

DrexelDragonTV via Twitter

Watch ESPN

Watch ESPN remains a strong competitor in streaming. They still have coverage on games and events around Drexel Dragons basketball. This means you can still view the Drexel Dragons through ESPN.

ESPN has free trails to encourage subscribers, meaning you can watch the Drexel Dragons live for free. ESPN offers a wide array of sports journalism and stats different from traditional services that provide only live games, events, and post-game analysis. ESPN also has a news page so fans can remain aware of news and everything happening around the Drexel Dragons and their rivals.

ESPN is an excellent choice for fans who watch different sports categories as it covers many sports from UFC to Basketball.

Watch On ESPN Live

YouTube TV

The Drexel Dragons use DragonsTV primarily; they advertise their sports on YouTube TV. They use short clips to entice viewers. YouTube TV hosts live coverage on the Dragons games. However, the Drexel Dragons YouTube channel is tiny, with under a thousand subscribers. Their YouTube TV links to their Facebook and can be an excellent place for fans to communicate and hang out.

YouTube TV’s pricing is expensive for its coverage on the Dragons. Should you want high-quality quantity, other sites offer more cost-effective stream options.

Watch On Youtube TV

DragonsTV Highlights - Men's Basketball - Drexel vs. Northeastern - YouTube

DragonsTV via YouTube


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