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How To Watch Sydney Roosters Online Without Cable

by Pratik
How To Watch Sydney Roosters Online?

Sydney Roosters is an Australian Rugby Team From Eastern Suburbs and inner Sydney. They participate in the National Rugby League(NRL) and New South Wales Rugby League(NSWRL).

It is one of the oldest Rugby teams founded in 1908 at Paddington. They have won 15 times in NRL and NSWRL. Their home ground is located in Bondi junction. In Moore Park, their administration and training facilities are located.

On the official website of Roosters, you can check the news, shows, teams, ladder, history and so much of stuff.

If you are a big fan of Sydney Roosters, we have exactly what you want. We will let you know the match schedule of roosters and also will tell you on which platforms you can watch Sydney roosters online.

Sydney RoostersHere is a schedule of Sydney Roosters in NRL 2022.

  • Jun 11, Saturday, 01:00 PM, Roosters Vs Storm
  • Jun 18, Saturday, 03:05 PM, Eals Vs Roosters 
  • Jul 01, Friday, 03:25 PM, Panthers Vs Roosters 
  • Jul 16, Saturday, 10:30 AM, Roosters Vs Dragons 
  • Jul 22, Friday, 03:25 PM, Knights Vs Roosters
  • Jul 28, Thursday, 03:20 PM, Sea Eagles Vs Roosters
  • Aug 04, Thursday, 03:20 PM, Roosters Vs Broncos
  • Aug 13, Saturday, 10:30 AM, Roosters Vs Cowboys
  • Aug 20, Saturday, 03:05 PM, Roosters Vs Wests Tigers
  • Aug 26, Friday, 03:25 PM, Storm Vs Roosters
  • Sept 02, Friday, 03:25 PM, Roosters Vs Rabbitohs

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How to Live Stream Sydney Roosters?

Watch NRL

For those who are staying in the US, UK, or any other country except Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific,  Watch NRL will work best to live stream any game of NRL 2022. You cannot access WatchNRL in an Australia,New Zealand and Pacific region because of the geo restrictions.

WatchNRLTypes of packages WatchNRL offers:

  1. Weekly Subscription- AUD $20
  2. Monthly Subscription- AUD $39
  3. 12 Month/ Yearly Subscription- AUD $199

On WatchNRL you can watch all the seasons of NRL from 2018 along with finals. They also telecasts news and entertainment shows from FOX media. One more advantage of having WatchNRL subscription is that you can download the shows or matches and watch them offline.

To watch NRL games you simply need to download their official app on your compatible device like smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer. To watch on TV you need to connect it with google chromecast or airplay, and the Apple TV app.


Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is a home of sport where you can live stream NRL or you can watch old matches on demand. It is satellite operated service stream only in Australia. It give 14 day free trial to new customers after that you can choose any of its package.

Kayo Sports

  1. One Package– $25/ Month : Here you are allowed to watch the game on a single device.
  2. Basic Package– $27.50/ Month: Here you can watch on two devices simultaneaously.
  3. Premium Package– $35/ Month: It will allow you to simultaneous stream on three different devices at a same time.

Kayo is compatible with iPhones, smart phones, Macbooks, laptops and computers. Telstra TV Box, Apple TV, Android TV,  Google Chromecast, Play station 4, play station 5 are also compatible with it.



Foxtel is one of the famous live streaming platforms in Australia. There is 10 days free trial for all the new sign in. There various packages Foxtel offers.


  1. Foxtel Plus– $49
  2. Foxtel Sports HD– $74
  3. Foxtel Platinum Plus– $139
  4. Foxtel Premium– $99
  5. Foxtel Plus and Netflix– $61

You can stream games on two different devices at the same time. As Foxtel is paid service, we need to to set up Personal Video Recorder or Set top box. There are three types of PVR you can purchase for Foxtel

  1. Foxtel iQ2- Most affordable
  2. Foxtel iQ3,-Great content quality
  3. Foxtel iQ4- Designed for the Platinum plus plan

Towatch Foxtel on smart devices you need to install the Foxtel Go app.


Foxtel Now

You can watch shows or matches on Foxtel Now with the best quality internet. You will need to install Foxtel Go app to access 60 live television channels and 1000 video on demand titles. Forxtel Now also offers 10 day free trial to the new subscribers.

Foxtel nowFoxtel Now provides five packages as given below,

  1. Foxtel Now Essentials– $25
  2. Foxtel Now Movies Pack– $45
  3. Foxtel Now Sport Pack– $54
  4. Foxtel Now Drama Pack– $35
  5. Foxtel Now All Packs– $104

Foxtel Now is compatible with various devices like Telstra TV streaming box, google chrome on MacBooks, pcs, and smartphones.


Sky Sports

On sky sports you can watch 50 different types of sports. It is a collection of 11 sports channels in New Zealand. It has 2 packages you can subscribe to.

  • Day + Mobile Month Membership– $15: Here you can have access to 5 sports channels along with the premiership channel.
  • Month Membership + Boost Free Trial– $42: You can access all 11 channels and can stream on three devices simultaneously.

Sky Sports

Compatible devices and software: Computers, Macbooks with chrome,firefox, safari browsers, Apple TV, Android 7 and above, Airplay.


Channel 9

Channel 9 is free to air network which broadcasts sports, news, entertainment, and other stuff.

Channel 9Telstra TV, Fetch PVR, Chromecast, Apple TV 4, Sony TV, LG TV, Samsung Smart TV, smartphones, tablets, computers with support of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, and Safari version 10 and above are compatible devices to stream channel 9.



As we have seen earlier, all the streaming partners mentioned above are geo-restricted for some countries. So in order to watch NRL in those restricted countries, we will need to have a virtual private networks like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark etc.

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