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How To Watch Super Bowl LVII Without Cable?

by David Miklos Hazi
How To Watch Super Bowl LVII Without Cable

Many people are already getting hyped for the Super Bowl LVII that will be happening on February 12, 2023. In the past, the Super Bowl was most watched using cable on the channels that would air the game.

Yet, as more and more people are getting rid of cable for several reasons, people are having to turn to different methods to watch the Super Bowl live.

This transition didn’t happen overnight. With that, there have been many additions to where you can watch the Super Bowl LVII without needing cable. From websites the streaming services, there are so many options to watch the Super Bowl LVII without cable that you have nothing to worry about.

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What Devices Can You Watch The Super Bowl LVII Without Cable?

Devices To Watch The Super Bowl LVII Without CableAre you excited to watch a thrilling football game, Rhianna performing at halftime, and, of course, the adorable puppy bowl? If you said yes to any of those, you are in the right spot to learn what devices you can watch the Super Bowl on.

First, you got your phone. Most of the platforms and websites we will be mentioning here are compatible with most phones. Simply download the app (or head to the website,) log in or create an account, and get to watching.

You also can use most of the listed platforms and streaming services on your laptop. With these, you can either download the official application or head to the website of the platform. From there, you can log in using your credentials or create a new account. Use the search function to look up the Super Bowl when the time comes, and you can watch from the comfort of a smaller screen.

Finally, you can still watch Super Bowl LVII on your TV. You can do this if you have either a Smart TV or a TV casting box such as Apple TV or Amazon Firestick. With this method, it is as simple as downloading an app on your TV.

If you have a Smart TV, there should be a place where you can download apps on it. This is the same if you have a casting device with the extra step of getting to the device’s home page (turning on Apple TV.) Once you are at the “app store” for your Smart TV or casting device, search for one of the listed platforms or streaming services. Once you find it, hit download.

These next few steps are the same as going through your phone or laptop. Either log in to the platform or create a new account. From there, you have access to a service carrying the Super Bowl in time for the big game.

Where To Watch Super Bowl LVII Without Cable

There are several places where you can watch the Super Bowl LVII without cable. Let’s get into them below.

Fubo TV

Fubo tv LogoFubo TV is one of the several places that will allow you to watch the Super Bowl LVII live without needing a cable subscription. This platform is like paying for a specific TV channel that gives you all the sports content that you could want.

Fubo TV includes the NFL, CBS, NBC, and the FOX channel that will be covering the Super Bowl game when the time comes. It doesn’t have ESPN, but the other channels that you can watch using this platform make it worth it.

If you don’t want to pay the price of Fubo TV right away, there is a free trial that you can sign up for. This free trial lasts for seven days. If you get the free trial a few days before the Super Bowl begins, you will get to watch Super Bowl LVII for free!

After the free trial, there are a few different subscription options that you can choose from. The price of these packages ranges from $70 to $100, depending on what features you want from this service.

Sling TV

Sling Tv LogoThis is another option to pay for a channel-like platform that will give you access to the Super Bowl LVII game in February 2023. With Sling TV, you have access to content that is both on-demand and live-streamed. You will be able to watch the Super Bowl live without needing cable.

There isn’t a free trial with Sling TV, so you won’t be able to watch the Super Bowl LVII for free if you choose this platform. However, for new members, there is a deal for each package. For your first month of having Sling TV, you get half off of the package price.

Normally, Sling TV costs $50 for both the blue and orange packages. With this deal, you will only need to pay $25 for your first month. If you only want to watch Sling TV for the month of February, this half-off deal could be great for you. It still is a cheaper option than Fubo TV.

YouTube TV

watch-sports-on-youtube-tvEven YouTube has its own channel service! If you already spend a lot of time on YouTube and want to mesh cable and the internet together, YouTube TV might be how you want to watch the Super Bowl LVII.

Through YouTube TV, you will get to watch content broadcasted on FOX, NBC, CBS, and ESPN. This gives you easy availability to watch the Super Bowl, which will be broadcasted on FOX. You will get to watch the game and everything else the Super Bowl comes with live on the device you choose to watch on.

YouTube TV has a free trial of 60 days, perfect for watching the Super Bowl LVII and all the highlights for completely free! You can cancel the trial at any time so you can make sure that you won’t have to spend any money to watch the Super Bowl.

If you end up loving all that YouTube TV has to offer, you can subscribe to one of the packages available. For new users, you can get $10 off your first three months, meaning that you will only have to pay 54.99 per month. Afterward, you will pay $64.99. With all of the channels, YouTube TV has to offer, that is a pretty good deal.

Hulu+ Live TV

Hulu + Live TVHulu on its own gives you the ability to watch tons of content on demand ranging from TV shows to popular movies. Over time, Hulu has decided to combine with a Live TV program to give you Hulu+ Live TV.

With this platform, you can watch your favorite on-demand shows while also getting to watch sports games happening live. If you want to watch the Super Bowl LVII without needing cable, Hulu+ Live TV will let you do so.

Hulu+ Live TV comes with FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and much more. With access to FOX, you will get to see the broadcasting of Super Bowl LVII when it happens in February.

While Hulu (and the Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ bundle) has a free trial for 30 days, the Hulu+ Live TV plan doesn’t. However, there are often sales to encourage new customers to check out Hulu+ Live TV.

With the current sale, you get $20 off for the first three months of having Hulu+ Live TV. Right now, you would only pay $49.99 for the first three months and then $69.99. However, the regular price of Hulu+ Live TV is soon to be going up to $79.99 a month, so better get that lower price while it lasts.

Another thing about Hulu+ Live TV is that you can still get it bundled with Disney+ and ESPN+. It costs a bit more, with the current price being $75.99 a month.

However, that just means that you are getting a ton of content across a variety of platforms for a lower price. This gives you several options for watching the Super Bowl LVII without needing cable and on any device you want!


Sports on DIRECTV STREAMOur last TV-connected option for watching the Super Bowl LVII without cable is by using DirectTV. If you have never heard of DirectTV, maybe you have heard of AT&T TV Now, which is what this platform used to be called.

Already, the normal package you get with DirectTV gives you so many channels and shows to watch without needing to have cable. However, with $5 more to your package, you get to also watch the NFL network. With either package you have, you will have access to a channel that will be broadcasting the Super Bowl LVII.

DirectTV doesn’t have a free trial option to watch the Super Bowl LVII for free, but it does frequently have sales for the monthly price. Currently, you can get your first two months of DirectTV for $20 off. You would be paying $49.99 for the first two months, and then you would be paying the regular price of $69.99.

If you are a student, you have a special discount from DirectTV. Students get a discount for the first ten months that they have DirectTV. You will get $10 off per month, totaling $100 in savings.

When you are trying to save all that you can while still getting to watch the shows that you love, any discount is worthwhile. This discount also applies to any of the packages available to buy, from the basic $69.99 per month plan to the Premier $149.99 per month plan.


NFL+Now to the more basic streaming services. If you want to get a streaming platform that will let your watch the Super Bowl LVII without having to pay more than $30, streaming services are your best friend.

The NFL+ app is the streaming service for all NFL fans out there. For $4.99 a month, you will have access to all the big games that are coming up in the near future, as well as getting special content from each game.

There is also a premium subscription option for $9.99 a month. There are still all the live games you get to watch with the basic plan, but you won’t have to watch ads, and you will get access to all the replays across your devices.

NFL+ airs many football games, which will include the upcoming Super Bowl LVII. Don’t worry about missing the big game when you have NFL+ in the palm of your hand.

The biggest downside to using NFL+ for the Super Bowl LVII is that you won’t be able to cast the game onto your TV. The app is pretty much only for your phone, so you will be stuck to a smaller screen. There are workarounds to this if you have a Smart TV and can use a Bluetooth connection to put whatever is on your phone screen onto the TV.

If you want a streaming service that will allow you to watch the Super Bowl LVII without spending lots of money, the NFL+ app will give you all that you want.

Get Ready For The Super Bowl LVII

Don’t worry if you don’t have cable for when the Super Bowl LVII gets broadcasted. You don’t need to have cable to watch this big game. You have so many other options to watch the big game along with all sorts of other content.

If you want a cheap option that will get the job done while also giving you the opportunity to watch all sorts of other games, the NFL+ app will be worth it. If you want to bundle the airing of the Super Bowl LVII with tons of other shows and movies, options like Fubo TV and Hulu+ Live TV will give you so much other content that you will never have to wonder what to watch next.

Who needs cable when streaming services and other TV platforms exist to be watched on your phone, laptop, or even TV? Before we get closer to the Super Bowl LVII, take time to figure out which TV platform will be the best option to add to your media collection. You don’t want to miss this next game.

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