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How to Watch Royal Ascot Horse Racing 2022 Online?

by David Miklos Hazi
How to Watch Royal Ascot Online?

The Royal Ascot is a highly-anticipated racing event that many people want to experience, both inside and outside of the United Kingdom. The problem is, if they live in another country or travel abroad, they will not be able to have easy access to the race. 

Luckily, you don’t have to miss out on this world-class race and all its fanfare. In fact, there are ways to watch the Royal Ascot online from the comfort of your home, wherever you may be. You will not have to miss a single moment of action no matter where you live. In this article, we will show you how you can access the Royal Ascot online, mainly through the use of safe and secure VPNs.

Royal Ascot How to Watch Royal Ascot Online 2022

1. Watching for Free or with a Subscription

If you live in or are visiting the UK, you will be able to watch a livestream of the Royal Ascot for free. Catch the free livestream on:

  • ITV
  • ITV Racing 
  • ITV Hub (where you will be able to access every race)

Keep in mind that you will only be able to access this without any problems if you live in the UK.

As for the US, the Royal Ascot will stream live on:

  • NBCSports.com
  • The NBC Sports app

If you live in the US and do not have access to any of those services, there is also the possibility of watching it on subscription services such as:

Both of those streaming services provide content from NBC sports and many other things you are likely to enjoy.

2. Watching with a VPN

If you live outside the UK, a VPN can be the solution to streaming the Royal Ascot for free. 

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) protects your internet connection and prevents your online activities from being tracked by third parties. Creating an encrypted tunnel, VPNs mask your online identity by masking your IP address so you can use public hotspots anonymously and safely. You can also use a VPN to access streaming sites from other countries if a show or movie you want to watch is not available in your own region. 

When it comes to choosing VPN services, it is recommended to subscribe to a paid VPN service rather than try to find one that is free. Free VPNs can cause a variety of problems, such as leaking your personal and private information to other sources. It will also not provide you with high streaming quality like a subscription-based VPN would. 

As mentioned, you can use a VPN to gain access to the livestream of the Royal Ascot from anywhere in the world, as long as you have your location and IP address set to the UK.

To use a VPN for the Royal Ascot, you will first have to download the VPN service of your choice on whichever device you plan to use. You will then open the VPN app on your chosen device and set the location of your IP address to the UK. That will allow you to access the ITV Hub so you will be able to watch the Royal Ascot from the comfort of your home. 

Many VPNs will give you the ability to access their services across multiple devices, so you and your family can watch what they want simultaneously from any device.

While there are many VPN services to choose from, here are some of the highly recommended VPNs on the market.


Featuring 256-bit encryption and split tunneling, ExpressVPN allows you to use it on a wide array of devices. The software directs your online traffic through servers that are in nearly 100 countries, offering you ultimate security and privacy. Additionally, ExpressVPN does not store any records of your logs, such as your connection timestamps or IP address.

Conveniently use it on multiple devices, including PlayStation, Android, iOS, and more. It takes only a few minutes to install and you can try it with the security of a risk-free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. This way, you can test how effective ExpressVPN is for yourself. 


NordVPN is another reliable VPN subscription-based service that allows you to use their services on up to 6 devices. This is one of the most useful VPN services for big families or friend groups who want to watch the same content on their own devices. 

First released in February of 2012, NordVPN has since reached up to 5,600 servers across 59 countries as of 2021. They do not collect the data of their users, so your privacy and computer history remain totally secure no matter which network you use or which websites you access. You will be able to use it for Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and a few other services. This will make it easy to access on your television, phone, laptop, or other devices you may have. 

Additionally, your actual IP address will be protected and remain anonymous while you use the VPN’s IP address to browse and stream. You can stream the Royal Ascot easily without worrying about any potential risks. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with how their services work for you. 

NordVPN logoSurfshark

Surfshark is one of the most budget-friendly VPNs available. It will give you access to many major league sports channels without the risk of slowing down while streaming. With 3,200 servers in 65 countries, the VPN works on many different operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, and more. 

Users can be at ease knowing that Surfshark prevents information across all of its user’s devices and platforms from getting leaked to other sources. This way, you can continue to browse and stream anonymously. They even have a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 30 days of service so you can try this VPN out risk free.

Surfshark is capable of split tunneling, which allows users to remain anonymous to potential hackers or other information-gathering sources when connected to a public Wi-Fi network. They have a no-logs policy along with a kill switch and camouflage mode for an extra layer of security for your personal information while keeping your internet provider from knowing you are using a VPN.

surfshark logoWhat is the Royal Ascot?

Known as one of the world’s most well-known racing events, The Royal Ascot is a thoroughbred horse racing competition that is held in Ascot, England at the Ascot Racecourse. The racecourse has been open since August 11, 1711 when it was founded by Queen Anne. Visited by an estimated 600,000 people a year, the race course is seen as a national institution with the Royal Ascot cementing its spot as the main feature of the British summer.

Queen at Royal AscotSome of the world’s finest racehorses come to compete in the Royal Ascot, which has been a highly anticipated event all around the world since it first began. They have held special races in June for a week where the Queen attends to observe and there will be about 35 races in total throughout the event.

In fact, some of the Queen’s own thoroughbred horses have even participated and won in some of the races multiple times. Each of the five days of the Royal Ascot starts off with the royal procession, where the Queen arrives with others who attend with her. It has been a tradition to begin the races this way since 1825, when it was first started by King George IV. 

The Royal Ascot is also famous for being the most valuable race in the world. In 2019, there was more than £7.3 million prize money up for winning. The Gold Cup is the event’s oldest and most distinguished race. Taking place on the third day, it is also known as “Ladies Day.”


The Royal Ascot features an amazing atmosphere every year across the five days they are hosted. 2022 is the first year they have hosted the race with an even bigger capacity since 2020, when Covid first hit and restrictions were put into place. Many people were even more excited to attend and watch this event, especially with Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations to look forward to. 

The event and the livestream are easily accessible for anyone living in the UK, but many other people around the world would love to see it too. With a safe and reliable VPN, anyone can watch the Royal Ascot stream from around the world without worrying about any risks to their personal information.

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark are some of the most reliable services you can find. If you have friends or family members who also want to watch the Royal Ascot, NordVPN might be one of the best choices since you can access them across six devices. With a VPN, you won’t have to worry about missing anything, no matter where you are.

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