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How to Watch Paramount Network Live Without Cable 2022?

by David Miklos Hazi
How to Live Stream Paramount Network Without Cable in 2022

Cable is one way to access the multitude of channels and live coverage offered in today’s heavily populated streaming world, but it is not the only way. Many cable-cutting solutions exist to watch different programs offering live coverage without the hassle of signing up for a cable plan or signing a binding contract.

Actually, a lot of people who consume live coverage subscribe to different plans that allow them to pick and choose which live coverage they want to consume, and it does not make them pay for content they do not wish to view on their TV. 

Paramount Network is one of those live channels a lot of people want to consume but don’t necessarily want to invest in a cable subscription or service to consume the channel.

Thankfully, there are several options that offer Paramount Network live that don’t ask for a cable subscription. If you are one of those folks who want to indulge in Paramount Network live but don’t have cable or don’t want to invest in a cable subscription, keep reading. This guide is for you. 

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Ways to Watch Paramount Network Live Without Cable 2022

1. YouTube TV

The creators of YouTube founded an entirely different subsector of the live-video platform in 2017. The new YouTube TV became a destination for YouTube lovers to get more out of their subscriptions with access to television shows and live sports.

At that time, having access to live sports on streaming services was not a common occurrence. Today, YouTube TV still offers live television coverage and live sports, as well as complete access to Paramount Network live.

Right now, YouTube TV costs $65 per month with a one-week free trial. If you want to get the most for your money, though, receive $30 off the first three months and only pay $35 per month if you sign up today. 

How to Get YouTube TV:

Visit the App Store or the home screen on the device or console of choice and toggle to the search bar. Type in YouTube TV and click on the icon with the familiar white play button surrounded by a red background. The only difference between this icon and the original YouTube icon is that it has the phrase TV at the end of YouYube. 

Download the app, and you can log in with your existing YouTube account or create a new one to enjoy Paramount Network live.

Here’s how to watch Paramount Network live on YouTube TV: 

  1. Download the YouTube TV app or visit the YouTube website and visit tv.youtube.com.
  2. Start your free trial when you enroll in a plan. 
  3. Type in Paramount Network Live or toggle to the channel via the menu.
  4. Open the network and bask in the glory of Paramount Network live without cable. 

YouTube TV works with Android phones and Apple phones and devices, Rokus, and FireSticks. 

YouTube TV


2. Fubo TV

Fubo originated in 2015 and marketed itself as the only server specializing solely in sports coverage and live sports coverage.

Not only does Fubo TV offer Paramount Network live to all its subscribers, but it also offers 1000 hours of DVR cloud storage in its three plans. Plus, 4K HD viewing for the best resolution.

Fubo offers three various plans to subscribers.

  1. Pro- Over 100 channels such as Paramount Network live and 100 sports events and stream on ten devices at a time for $69.99 per month. You also get 1000 hours of DVR storage with a one-week free trial. 
  2. Elite- Almost 200 channels included, such as Paramount Network live, over 100 sporting events in top-tier HD resolution, and 60 more channels than the first plan. Subscribers receive 1000 hours of cloud DVR space for $79.99 a month, with a one-week free trial.
  3. Ultimate- The Ultimate plan provides subscribers with 200 channels such as Paramount Network, over 100 live sports events in 4K HD resolution, and 1000 hours of DVR space. This package is $99.99 a month with a one-week free trial.

How to Get FuboTV:

Type in Fubo TV on your home screen or browser to visit the website or download the app. The app icon has an orange background with white letters, and the ‘b’ and the ‘o’ in fubo mesh together to create an infinity sign. Once you download the app, you can customize your profile to your preferences.

Here’s how to watch Paramount Network live on FuboTV:

  1. Once you’ve downloaded FuboTV, open the app.
  2. Type in Paramount Network in the search bar, and the channel should come up. You can also navigate through the menu until you find the correct channel.
  3. Click on the channel.
  4. Enjoy!

FuboTV is compatible with devices such as Andriod and Apple phones and computers, Rokus, Smart TVs, and FireSticks.

fuboTV Streaming Service


3. DirecTV Stream

AT&T offers a non-cable subscription service to those who do not wish to sign up for a cable contract. This service formed in November 2016 as a binding between DirecTV, AT&T, and TPG. The triad uses a hybrid of on-demand content, live content, and live TV to provide everything you could want from cable without having to sign a contract. 

DirecTV Stream allows users to watch the service on up to 20 devices at the same time and it has original content and a bunch of channels like Paramount Network.

You get access to live sports, live channels, and 1000 hours of DVR space, just like Fubo TV offers. DirecTV has several plans to choose from, listed below. Each plan has a five-day free trial, so if you only want to watch a little of Paramount Network live, you can cancel at no additional cost. 

  • DirecTV Stream Entertainment Package: 75 live channels, live sports coverage, and 40,000 on-demand channels. Twenty hours of DVR cloud space for $69.99 a month.
  • DirecTV Stream’s Choice Package: This package includes shows, live sports, and 45,000 on-demand programs. Watch over 100 live TV channels, including Paramount Network live, and receive 20 hours of cloud storage. This service costs $89.99 a month.
  • DirecTV Stream Ultimate Package: This includes 140 channels, 55,000 on-demand programs, live sports, and unlimited cloud recordings for 104.99 a month. 
  • DirecTV Stream Premier Package: With 140 channels, 65,000 on-demand programs, access to sports coverage, live and channel-based, and unlimited cloud storage, you can get this plan today for $149.99 a month. 

How to Get DirecTV Stream: 

  1. Log on to a device connected to the internet and type in DirecTV Stream on a keyboard or search bar. 
  2. Click on the icon: It will be a black and blue-based font that reads ‘DirecTV stream’ on a white background. 
  3. Download the app.
  4. Next, log in to your existing account or register under a new account to begin watching Paramount Network live.
  5. Enjoy!



4. Sling TV

Sling TV is a program owned by the satellite TV service Dish Network. In 2015 Dish Network invented the service as a way to access live coverage of sports, movies, and television without signing a contract for cable. Sling TV offers two options for its users and each of the options includes access to Paramount Network live.

Sling orange package has access to sports channels like ESPN and other family-friendly channels such as Disney, and the Blue package is more news-centered and has more soapy entertainment than its sister channel. 

Sling costs $35 per month, but Sling offers the first couple of months of service for a discounted rate of $17.50 a month. Sling allows users to choose only the channels they wish to consume, so if you only want to watch Paramount Network live, feel free. 

If you choose to bundle both options, the subscription totals $50 per month. 

How to Get Sling TV:

  1. Before you can watch  Paramount Network live on Sling TV, you need an account you can use. 
  2. Go to the home screen or the app store on the device of your choosing and type in Sling TV. 
  3. Once the app loads, click on the icon and download the app. The app icon has Sling in either white or blue letters with a sideways wi-fi icon above the ‘i’ in Sling. 
  4. Launch the app.
  5. Select either Sling TV Blue, Orange, or the combo package.

Here’s how to watch Paramount Network live via Sling TV:

  1. Visit the app or website and log in to an existing account or create an account and sign up for your discounted subscription. 
  2. Customize your preferences.
  3. Navigate to the Paramount Network channel through the menu or the search bar.
  4. Click on the channel.
  5. Enjoy!

Sling TV is compatible with Apple and Android phones, Rokus, FireSticks, Apple TVs, and gaming consoles. 

Sling TV


In Conclusion

Streaming media increases in popularity daily. From new subscription services to cord-cutting trends, streaming services show no signs of slowing down. Although cable is still prevalent in many houses, streaming services continue to rise.

Cord-cutters favor watching cable programs without the hassle of a contract, and Paramount Network live is just one of those channels cord-cutters can access without a cable subscription. Now that you know how to access Paramount Network live without cable, which server will you use? 

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