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How To Watch Newcastle Knights Online Without Cable

by Pratik
How To Watch Newcastle Knights Online?

The Newcastle Knights Rugby Club is Australia’s professional rugby club based in Newcastle, New South Wales. The team is formed in 1987. In 1988 they have started playing in Australia’s one of the famous rugby leagues which is the National Rugby League Premiership. The club has won two premierships in 1997 and 2001 becoming one of the two clubs which never lost in grand finals(another one is Wests Tigers). McDonald Jones Stadium is their home ground.

Newcastle Knights logo

  • Jun 12, Sunday, 03:05 PM, Knights Vs Panthers
  • Jun 19, Tuesday, 09:30 AM, Raiders Vs Knights
  • Jul 01, Friday, 09:30 PM, Knights Vs Titans
  • Jul 08, Friday, 03:25 PM, Knights Vs Rabbitohs
  • Jul 16, Saturday, 02:05 PM, Sea Eagles Vs Knights
  • Jul 22, Friday, 03:25 PM, Knights Vs Roosters
  • Jul 31, Sunday, 09:30 AM, Knights Vs Bulldogs
  • Aug 07, Sunday, 11:35 AM, Wests Tigers Vs Knights
  • Aug 13, Saturday, 03:05 PM, Broncos Vs Knights
  • Aug 21, Saturday, 11:35 AM, Knights Vs Raiders
  • Aug 28, Sunday, 11:35 AM, Titans Vs Knights 
  • Sep 04, Sunday, 09:30 AM, Knights Vs Sharks 

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How To Watch Newcastle Knights Live?

There are multiple subscription based platforms where you can watch your favorite Newcastle Knights online at the comfort of your home.

Here we will share some of the best live streaming platforms along with their subscription packages and prices. 

Watch NRL

WatchNRL is the official NRL Premiership streaming partner to watch every match in the season. This service is available in all countries except Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific region.

You have the liberty to choose the type of subscription as per your timezone. Basically, there are three types of subscription packages are available as shown below.

  1. Weekly Subscription-$20
  2. Monthly Subscription– $39
  3. 12 Month/ Yearly Subscription– $199

What things you can watch here: Ampol State of Origin series, NRL Telstra all season from 2018 along with finals, Women’s NRL Telstra Premiership, news and entertainment programs from FOX league.

Compatible Devices: Mobile, tablets, laptops, and personal computers with WatchNRL apps and the WatchNRL website. To stream on TVs you will need to have Chromecast, Airplay, or the Apple TV app.

If you want to stop the subscription then you have to do it before the renewal of the next billing cycle.

WatchNRLKayo Sports

Kayo sport is an ultimate streaming service that will give you full enjoyment while watching NRL Premiership 2022.

In kayo, once you select your favorite team then kayo will let you know all upcoming live streaming of that team and also gives unlimited access to replay matches. Kayo will offer you 14 day free trial for all the new customers who are going to purchase one of the following packages.

  1. One Package– $25/ Month
  2. Basic Package– $27.50/ Month
  3. Premium Package– $35/ Month

Kayo live streams over 50 sports. You can watch various matches on demand as well. 

What things you can watch here: Live and on-demand matches without a break.

Compatible Devices: You can use kayo on mobile, tablets, laptops, and personal computers with the kayo app using iOS v11+ or Android OS v6+.

Kayo is also compatible with PlayStation, Samsung TV, LG TV, Hisense TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Telstra TV, and Chromecast.

Kayo SportsFoxtel

If you are an Australian or staying in Australia or traveling to Australia then you must have a Foxtel subscription. It is one of the leading live sports streaming services in Australia. 

It will give you 10 day free trial offer where you can start streaming sports without installation and lock-in contract period.

It offers five types of subscription packages as given below.

  1. Foxtel Plus– $49
  2. Foxtel Sports HD– $74
  3. Foxtel Platinum Plus– $139
  4. Foxtel Premium– $99
  5. Foxtel Plus and Netflix– $61

To watch content on Foxtel you will need to install a set-top box or PVR because it is a satellite connected service. There are three types of PVR you can buy as per your budget.

  1. Foxtel iQ4, 4K/UHD- $125(Only available on the Platinum HD plan)
  2. Foxtel iQ2, HD 1080i- $75
  3. Foxtel iQ3, HD 1080p- $125

What things you can watch here: Here you can watch live streamings of sports, world class dramas, entertainment shows, and blockbuster movies.

Compatible Devices: To enjoy NRL on Foxtel you will need to install the Foxtel Go app and you are ready to go with compatible devices like mobile, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. You can also watch Foxtel on Foxtel Now box, Smart TV along with devices like Chromecast, airplay, Telstra TV, and PlayStation 4. 

FoxtelFoxtel Now

Unlike Foxtel, Foxtel Now does not need a set-top box. Foxtel Now needs only a good internet connection with a compatible device and you are good to go. Like Foxtel, Foxtel Now also offers 10 day free trial to their new customers. You can watch 60 live television channels along with live sports. There is a repository of 1000 video on demand titles.

Foxtel Now has five types of packages to offer which are:

  1. Foxtel Now Essentials– $25
  2. Foxtel Now Movies Pack– $45
  3. Foxtel Now Sport Pack– $54
  4. Foxtel Now Drama Pack– $35
  5. Foxtel Now All Packs– $104

What things you can watch here: You can watch 60 live television channels along with live sports. There are amazing Foxtel Originals you can watch here. There is a repository of 1000 video on demand titles.

Compatible Devices: There are various compatible devices like Foxtel Now Box, smart TV, mobile, tablets, laptops, Personal Computers(with Foxtel Go app), Chromecast, airplay, Telstra TV, and PlayStation 4 with which you can watch Foxtel Now.

Foxtel nowSky Sports

For the people who are living in UK and Ireland, Sky Sports is a satellite operated group of channels. There are 11 sports channels dedicated to different types of sports. 

Sky Sports subscription packages are as follows

  1. Day + Mobile Month Membership– $15
  2. Month Membership + Boost Free Trial– $42

What things you can watch here: In the first package, you will have access to five sky channels including Sky Sports Premier League where you can watch NRL 2022.

In the monthly package, you can access all the eleven sky channels unlimitedly.

Compatible Devices: You can watch sports on 60 various devices like Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S consoles, PS4, PS5, smartphones, PCs, Tablets, Computers, etc.

Sky SportsChannel 9

Channel nine is Australia’s free to air streaming service where you can watch your favorite NRL teams to play without spending a single penny.

What things you can watch here: You can watch NRL season 2022 live without any cost only on channel 9. There are some other things like news, talk shows, entertainment, movies, and many more. 

Compatible Devices: You can watch channel 9 with compatible devices like Telstra TV, Fetch set-top boxes, Google Chromecast, Apple TV 4, Sony, LG, and Samsung Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and computers with browser support of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, and Safari version 10 and above.

Channel 9VPN

It is not easy to bypass all the geo-restrictions used by Kayo, Foxtel, and Sky sports to stream NRL abroad. But there are some Virtual Private Networks(VPNs) that make sure you can watch NRL anywhere in the world. 

What you can do in order to stream NRL? We have some VPNs to recommend you to watch your favorite NRL games.

  1. ExpressVPN: It is the fastest VPN
  2. NordVPN: It has the fastest server
  3. Surfshark: It is the affordable yet good VPN

I hope this article will help you to watch Newcastle Knights from any corner of the world.

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