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by David Miklos Hazi
Tamil TV

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Sling TV Tamil

$15.00 to $30.00



Channel Amount




Device Compatibility





  • Number of Channels
  • Multiple Packages
  • Cloud DVR add-on
  • Premium Channel add-on
  • No set-up or installation


  • Commercials

One of the most difficult parts of living in a foreign country is that you generally don’t have a way to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Most cable and satellite providers offer a minimal international programming TV channel lineup, and if they do, it can be expensive. Trying to find a legal and affordable option for the best of Tamil TV entertainment can be very challenging or at least it used to be. We will explain how to get the channels you love.

How To Watch Tamil TV Without Cable

The best method available to find your favorite Tamil TV channels is cord-cutting services. Cord-cutting services are inexpensive, easy-to-use, and most importantly, are safe to use. Cord-cutting services allow the user to watch streaming video content on their home television set or on smart devices such as phones and tablets.

Many people think that they can just try to find a free stream somewhere on the internet, but this can be dangerous as illegal streams are usually laced with malware. The best part about streaming services is that they do not require a contract and there are no installation charges or hidden fees.

Stream Tamil TV With Sling TV

Sling TV
The best option available to watch Tamil channels such as Vijay TV, Zee Tamil, and Sun TV is Sling TV. This is one of the most popular live TV streaming services in America. The service is available nationwide to anyone with an internet connection. To use Sling TV you simply hook up a streaming device to your TV, connect it to your home internet, and select what you want to watch.

Sling TV is an affordable, legal method to stream Tamil TV. The service contains many features such as DVR service, simultaneous streams, on-demand content, and an easy-to-use interface. One major positive is that you are also able to cancel your service at any time without penalty. This service really gives the consumer the freedom to customize their viewing experience at a reasonable price. Sling TV also offers many additional a-la-carte add-ons such as premium channels and sports packages.

To see a complete list of Sling TV channels, add-ons, and other features please read our Sling TV review.

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Sling Tamil TV Features

One of the best components of this Sling TV language pack is the many features. One of the best features is SonyLIV. Subscribers get access to the entire on-demand library for unlimited access to 40,000+ hours of Desi entertainment, including top drama, movies, kid’s shows, web originals, and more.

  • Watch television in your preferred language at any time, anywhere
  • Watch programming on multiple supported devices at the same time
  • Get all the channels you love from your home country and abroad
  • On-demand programs and films in multiple languages
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface makes finding what you are looking for a cinch
  • Option to view recent television up to 8 days from its air date (International Customers only)
  • No contracts or Social Security number required
  • Customer support available 24/7

Tamil Vijay TV

Watch Tamil TV Overseas

Most streaming services are only available to residents of the United States, but that does not mean that you cannot stream Tamil TV overseas. Using a VPN can allow you to bypass geoblocking. A VPN directs all your traffic through a server located in the country of your choice. In this case, you can set your server location to the United States and watch Tamil programming in another country.

VPNs are inexpensive, legal, and easy to use. We recommend ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is hands down the best option available because of the number of available servers, the top-notch security, and it has the speed necessary to stream videos. The best part is they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. To learn more about VPNs please read our VPN review guide.

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How much do Tamil TV Packages Cost?

There are currently one different packages available: Tamil Gold. There is no long-term contract involved and you can cancel at any time. Sling TV offers a free trial so you can check it out before committing to a full month subscription.

Sling TV offers 5+ Tamil channels featuring family entertainment and lifestyle programming. Plus, included for no additional cost are 25+ channels featuring total entertainment, music, news, sports, and lifestyle programming from around the world.

In addition to Tamil television, Sling TV has two base English packages that offer American TV channels such as ESPN and Comedy Central. The two streaming plans are Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Sling Orange costs $35/month and you get 25+ popular channels. Sling Blue costs $35/month and gives access to 40+ channels.

Service Plan
Monthly Price
Tamil Gold
Sling Blue
Sling Orange
*Subject to change at any time. Please check with Sling TV for most up-to-date info.

What Tamil TV Channels Are Included?

There are lots of great TV channels being offered in these different packages. Sling TV offers 5 Tamil channels featuring family entertainment and lifestyle programming. Enjoy TV shows and movies on your favorites such as Colors Tamil, Sun TV, Jaya TV, Zee Tamil, and more. Stay informed about top news stories from back home such as Raj News and News18 Tamil.

Also included are your favorite cricket teams in action on Willow HD and Willow Extra, and La Liga on beIN Sports. You also get more than 25 free channels and 90+ Bollywood movies on demand with Movie Masala, plus a ton of new hit shows and original series on Zoom Studios.

Channel Name
Language Group
Colors TamilTamilGE
Jaya MaxTamilMusic
Jaya PlusTamilNews
Jaya TVTamilGE
News18 TamilTamilNews
Raj Digital PlusTamilGE
Raj MusixTamilMusic
Raj NewsTamilNews
Raj TVTamilGE
SUN MusicTamilMusic
Tunes 6TamilMusic
Zee TamilTamilGE
*Packages and channels subject to change. Please check with Sling TV for the most up-to-date offerings.

Stream Zee Tamil

Extra Features and Add-on Packages

Sling TV has one of the most robust selections of extras and add-ons. These are a-la-carte extra packages of channels that you can add to your base Tamil TV plan. The different types of add-ons include news, religion/spiritual, and movies. You can select a movie add-on from Bollywood and/or Hollywood.

Tamil Add-ons

Hindi News Extra ($5/month): Subscribers gain access to popular Hindi news channels such as India Today

English News Extra ($5/month): Gives viewers access to 2 top English news channels, including Times Now and News18 with Hindi subtitles

Bollywood Movie Extra ($15/month): Get access to several movie channels such as Movies OK, Zee Cinema HD, Zee Classic, Zee Cinema, ZETC Bollywood

ZVOD Extra ($5/month): On-demand library of over 700 premium Indian movies

Oriya Extra: Access to TV channels such as OTV, Tarang Music, Tarang, Prathana TV, News World Odisha

Sling Orange + Blue Extras

Sling TV Orange + Blue Extras
Total TV Deal
4 Extras Deal
DVR Plus
Sports Extras
Comedy Extras
Kids Extras
News Extras
Lifestyle Extras
Hollywood Extra
Heartland Extras
Best of Spanish TV
Willow Cricket Mini
Brasil Mini + Globoplay
Francais Mini
Arabic Mini
Chinese Mini
Italiano Mini
Deutsch Mini
Polish Mini
Sling Deportes
*Subject to change. Please check with Sling TV for up-to-date information.

Standalone Subscriptions

Sling TV Orange + Blue Extras
NHL Center Ice
Cocina On
Comedy Dynamics
The Country Network
Dove Channel
Echoboom Sports
Flix Latino
Kartoon Channel!
Hallmark Movies Now
Here TV
IFC Films Unlimited
Lion Mountain TV
Magnolia Selects
Monsters & Nightmares
Outside TV Features
Real Vision
Stingray Karaoke
Qello Concerts by Stingray
Sundance Now
True Royalty TV
Up Faith & Family
Warriors & Gangsters
Watch it Scream!
Gallery by Sling Scapes
NBA League Pass
NBA Team Pass
*Subject to change. Please check with Sling TV for up-to-date information.

Device and Equipment

Using a cord-cutting service such as Sling TV gives you several methods to use their service. If you wish to watch on a television set you will need a streaming device that is connected to the internet and your TV. These streaming devices are inexpensive and Sling TV usually has several promotions to receive a free streaming player if you pre-pay for a few months of the service. Some newer smart TVs have Sling TV already built-in.

Tamil TV Streaming Devices

You can also live-stream Tamil TV on smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and desktop computers. This means that you can bring the service with you anywhere you have a cell phone or WiFi connection.

Here is a list of compatible devices:

  • Amazon Fire Devices: All Amazon Fire TV devices, Fire Tablets on Android OS 4.4.2 or higher, Amazon Fire TV Edition by Element
  • Android Tablets and Smartphones: OS KitKat 4.4 or newer
  • Android TV: OS KitKat 4.4 or newer, Select Smart TVs – Sharp AQUOS, Sony Bravia, LeEco, AirTV Player, AirTV Mini
  • Apple TV: 4th generation Apple TV or newer, tvOS 10.0 and higher
  • Google Chrome Browser: Most recent version of Chrome, MAC OS, Windows 7 or 8.1
  • Chromebook: Select Chromebook Devices
  • Chromecast: All Chromecast devices, Vizio SmartCast TVs
  • Google Nest: Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): iOS 11 or newer, iPhone XS, XS Max devices
  • LG TV: WebOS 3.0 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge Browser: Most recent version of Edge
  • Oculus Go: Oculus Go 3.54 or higher
  • Portal TV: Portal TV 6.11.967
  • Roku: Roku LT and higher, Roku TVs from Hisense and TCL
  • Safari Browser: Most recent version of Safari
  • Samsung: 2016-2019 Smart TVs
  • Windows 10: All Windows 10 computer and enabled deviced
  • XBOX: XBOX One, XBOX One S, XBOX One X
  • Xfinity X1: International and select Latino services only, Arris Xg1v1, Pace Xg1v1, Pace Xg1v3, Xg1v4, Xi5

Watch Other National TVs Without Cable

Stream Malayalam TV Online

Trying to find a legal and affordable option for the best of Malayalam TV can be very challenging or at least it used to be. See how to get the channels you love.

Check Out Mandarin TV Online

Finding a high-quality, legal stream of your favorite Mandarin TV shows and movies can be difficult but with our help, you can put your mind at ease.

Watch Polish TV Without Cable 

There are lots of great Polish TV channels being offered in different TV packages. Now you can enjoy TV shows and movies on your favorites such as iTVN, Disco Polo Music, Republika, and more, or stay informed about top news stories from back home such as TVN24.

Stream Greek TV 

With plenty of great Greek TV channels being offered in different TV packages, you can now enjoy TV shows and movies on your favorites such as AWT Satellite, Alpha, Greek Cinema, and more. Stay informed about top news stories from back home such as ANT1 News and Alpha News.

Watch Arabic TV Without Cable

There are lots of amazing Arabic TV channels being offered in these different packages. The different live streaming TV plans offer a mixture of top dramas, talk shows, news, soccer, movies, and more. Below is the list of channels for all of the packages.


Finding a high-quality, legal stream of your favorite Tamil tv shows and movies can be difficult but with the Sling TV Tamil streaming plan you can put your mind at ease. This language pack is one of the best Sling TV has to offer. The channel selection and lineup are very robust and amazing. You can get access to top channels such as Colors Tamil, Sun TV, Jaya TV, Zee Tamil, and Willow HD. This is an inexpensive option for this language. This is definitely the best option that we have found and the best part is if you don’t agree you can cancel anytime. To get started check out the free trial.


1. How can I watch Tamil TV online?

There are a few ways to watch Tamil TV online. You can use a streaming service such as Sling TV, which will allow you to watch shows like Neeya 2 and Maanagaram. The other option is to download an app that streams the channel live on your phone.

2. What is the difference between Tamil TV and other Tamil channels?

Tamil TV is a Tamil language television channel that airs in India. It was launched on 1 January 2007 and is owned by Sun Network. The channel broadcasts programs from the Tamil film industry, as well as other entertainment genres such as comedy, reality shows, and sports.

3. What are the different Tamil TV channels?

There are many Tamil TV channels in India, but the most popular ones are Sun TV, Jaya TV, Vijay TV, and Kalaignar TV.

4. What are the most popular shows on Tamil TV?

The most popular shows on Tamil TV are the soap operas that are shown every day. The top three soaps are Thirumathi Selvam, Kovil, and Saravanan Meenatchi.

5. What are the available languages for Tamil TV?

There are many languages available for Tamil TV. Some of the most popular ones include English, Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam.

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