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How to Watch the Indiana Hoosiers College Basketball Online? (Without Cable)

by David Miklos Hazi
Indiana Hoosiers

Feb is around the corner and you know what that means, Go Hoosiers!

But where do you go, to watch Indiana Hoosiers basketball games, when cable is not an option?

Rather than miss out on the action, there are plenty of streaming services that you can choose from to stay up to date with all the best the Hoosiers have to offer, from try-outs to the NCAA championships. Even if you’re out of state!

Get yourself a stable internet connection, and potentially a VPN, and get yourself ready to never miss a beat, on the Branch McCracken court at the Simon Skojdt Assembly Hall and beyond. You have the power to watch all the Indiana Hoosiers NCAA tournament appearances with the incredible services discussed below.

Watching the Indiana Hoosiers Live Without Cable in 2022

It’s easier than you think! Streaming services have cemented themselves in our modern viewing experience, providing us with the capacity to choose and the freedom to pick what we want to view in our own time.

The one upside of Cable TV, until now, has been the sports channels. And, if sports are your life and you cannot miss a game, this pretty much sealed the deal for Cable TV.

Live streaming live tv has seemed all but impossible until now. Take your tv anywhere, watch the Hoosiers play games from wherever you might be.

Streaming services are an affordable and convenient way to watch not only the Hoosiers and any other college basketball team, but all manner of sports that sports channels have to offer.

Watch Indiana Hoosiers Games with Sling TV

Sling TV did not start out as direct competition to traditional pay television providers, but sure does it now!

Sling TV is a paid streaming service, but also offers a “Sling Free” ad-supported version of their program, for those who might struggle to make payments. Free streaming with Sling does exist if you don’t mind the adverts!

Probably the most exciting feature of Sling TV (besides the obvious and most exciting feature, watching the Simon skjodt assembly hall light up when the Hoosiers play) is that you can have Conference games!

Conference games, or Sling Watch Parties as they are named, allow you and your friends to co-watch the game simultaneously from different devices. And, if that wasn’t enough, Sling Watch Parties have a capacity for text and video chats alongside the live television stream.

Make sure you do your research when picking a Sling TV plan, as not all the plans cover all the channels that show NCAA College Football. Sling Blue is the least likely to get you the viewing you need.

Choose Sling Orange and upgrade it with the Sports Extra package to gain access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, Stadium, SEC Network, beIN Sports, Pac-12, Longhorn Network, and ACC Network.


Watch Indiana Hoosiers Games with Hulu + Live TV

Hulu how we love you!

But, be aware that the Hulu subscription alone will not give you the access you need to view the college basketball you want. Make sure you get the Hulu + Live TV subscription, in order to fully experience the Tuesday Night Lights you’ve been dreaming of!

The Hulu + Live TV plan offers you full access to the big shots of NCAA coverage: ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, FOX, FS1, FS2, CBS, CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports Network, TBS, TNT, SEC Network, and Big Ten Network. You’re going to miss out on some smaller games that are played through and not covered by these major networks.

As a tasty side, this plan will also give you access to Disney +, Cloud DVR storage and a live TV guide!


Watch Indiana Hoosiers Games with Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a contract-free streaming site that starts with a free trial so you can really get a feel for what they have offered.

But, as you will quickly see, their offerings are impressive!


Can I Stream IU Games for Free?

Free streaming services are not something that will be heavily discussed here, and the reason is simple:

If something seems too good to be true, that’s because it probably is too good to be true.

Watching IU Basketball for free online is exceptionally difficult, not to mention ethically dubious, and could land you with a nasty hack or virus on your PC.

Why is it so difficult? Because the media houses that record these games, and other sporting events for that matter, own the rights to the images and protect them severely. And, rightly so. They’re the ones standing there with the cameras, after all, capturing the magic.

Even if you do find a free streaming service for your Hoosier or Illinois Fighting Illini games, there is a strong chance that the stream will fail, or, even worse, that you will not be able to view a live stream of the game. And, finding out who’s won the game before you’ve even watched it, is worse than losing five NCAA championships to the Purdue boilermakers!

Couple that with the fact that your illegal stream is taking away from the networks and sports agencies and it becomes pretty straightforward what the answer is; Say no to illegal free streaming services!

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