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How to Watch Channel History Live Without Cable?

by David Miklos Hazi
How to Watch Channel History Live Without Cable?

The History Channel was launched back in the 1990s to the delight of history buffs everywhere. Featuring captivating documentaries, History Channel fans can also find original programs these days, such as The UnXplained and Alone.

Like many other History lovers, you might be looking for alternatives to cable, so you can still enjoy History live. The short answer is yes, you can watch the History Channel without cable. There are actually quite a few streaming services that offer this channel so that you can watch no matter where you go.

The best one for you may be Philo if you just care about the History Channel, since it costs the least and still offers some other great channels. If you want more watching options, though, a few other services have the History Channel and tons of other shows to stream too. Keep reading to find out how you can watch History live without cable.

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Streaming Services to Watch History Live

1. Sling

This is a great option when it comes to streaming, with three packages at $35 and $50 per month. Offering different numbers of channels, you can choose your package based on what you want, but even the lowest level package has the History Channel. 

The Sling Orange tier, which costs $35, lets you stream 30 channels and they do include History, BBC America, and Bloomberg. The Sling Blue tier, which costs $35, gives you access to 45 channels which include FOX, MSNBC, NBC, and History.

Last but not least, if you want both the Orange and Blue packages, you get a bundle deal that lets you stream 50 channels in total for $50, and that includes History too.

Sling TV


2. Philo

You can also choose the streaming service Philo, which is actually one of the cheapest options out there at $25 per month. You only have one package to choose from, but your 65 channels do include the History Channel, of course.

But the difference here is that Philo has unlimited DVR as compared to Sling, which only offers you 50 hours. Stream it pretty much everywhere to watch not only the History Channel but many of the other streamed shows available too.

Know that you can access Philo on Android, iOS, web browsers, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV. With around 60,000 different shows and content on Philo, you’ll find Philo a worthwhile investment for your entertainment needs.

Watch Philo


3. Hulu Live

Your Hulu account does allow you to stream live TV if you purchase the right package. Not only will you have access to the History Channel, but you can access other popular networks like National Geographic, the Travel Channel, and the USA Network too.

Now, this does clock in as one of the more expensive options per month at $70. Stream on two devices at once and DVR for 50 hours. There’s a lot you can watch on Hulu and a lot of additional channels you can add, like Disney+ and ESPN+.

Hulu Streaming Service


4. DirectTV Stream

You have four available packages when it comes to DirectTV, but it does end up being a little more expensive than any of the other options. Your cheapest option is $69.99, and if you want every channel, along with premium channels like HBO Max, you’ll be paying $149.99 per month.

This still might be cheaper for you than a cable bill, but if you really only just care about the History Channel, you can get that with only the cheapest package. And even that cheapest package has many more channels too—65 of them to choose from.

To give you more insight into the various packages, you get 65 channels on the DirecTV Stream Entertainment package, which includes Nickelodeon, ESPN, TNT, and History for $69.99. The next package is the DirecTV Stream Choice which gives you 90 channels featuring Game Show Network, Regional Sports, and History for $89.99. 

DirecTV Stream Ultimate is the next tier up which gives you 130 channels including Starz Encore, NHL Network, and History for $104.99. Last but not least, the DirecTV Stream Premier package gives you access to 140 channels which include Showtime, Cinemax, and History for $149.99.



5. Vidgo

There’s the streaming service Vidgo too, where you can actually watch a large number of live channels as compared to some of our other options. That’s a total of 100 live TV channels, which includes the History Channel too.

You can stream on up to three devices at once, and can use it on many of your apps like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and even Android TV devices. Your subscription will just cost about $60 per month.



Streaming Hardware

You can watch the History Channel using one of these streaming services, some of which allow you to stream on various devices. You might even be able to stream directly on these devices.

For example, if you have Fire TV. Fire TV will transform your television into a smart TV, letting you have access to all of your channel subscriptions and streaming services, along with options like YouTube and Pandora too. And since Fire TV is a part of Amazon, rest assured: Amazon does directly offer the History Channel too.

Also, try Roku, which will let you directly stream Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Google Play. Roku is actually quite reliable in terms of a streaming service, with the History Channel readily available.

When it comes to streaming devices, Roku has been around for a long time which is why it’s well known as one of the most popular and reliable devices you can get on the market.

Where Not to Watch

Yes, there are a few services that don’t have the History Channel at all. While most of them do offer this channel, if you have something like fuboTV, you’ll have to get another streaming service. You might be confused if you remember that fuboTV actually did offer History previously.

While fuboTV did indeed use to feature the History Channel, they announced that they stopped streaming History on 30 June 2021. Along with History Channel, they also stopped streaming other channels like Lifetime, Vice TV, and A&E.

Can I Watch History Live on Netflix?

Most people already have a Netflix subscription, so you might wonder if you can access History live. Netflix has indeed featured some shows from History over time, and you may even find special programs now and then. However, there’s no consistent arrangement to feature History live on Netflix, so you can’t rely on your Netflix subscription.

Can I Watch History Live on YouTube TV?

No, you can’t watch the History Channel live on YouTube TV. However, YouTube TV has been consistently adding new channels and programs, so it’s completely possible that they might add History live. While we can’t rule that out, if you want to watch History live now, YouTube TV isn’t your answer.


Nowadays, you can watch History live without expensive cable services. All you have to do is try any one of these popular options, and you’ll be able to ditch cable while satisfying your love of the History Channel.

If you want the cheapest way to stream History Live without cable, our suggestion would be to go with Philo. It’s the cheapest method without signing up for cable TV, and you also get to enjoy tons of popular cable programs like HGTV, Discovery, and more.

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