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Watch England Games In FIFA World Cup 2022 Without Cable Live

by David Miklos Hazi

It’s been 56 years since England last won the FIFA World Cup. Can England repeat their 1966 heroics and recapture Gold in Qatar?

If you are an English fan living in the U.S.A, you may be wondering how you can watch all of England’s games live without cable.

If you don’t want to pay exorbitant fees for cable, there is an alternative. Use a streaming site or broadcasting network to stream all of England’s matches at the FIFA World Cup on your devices.

To access live games through a streaming service, you are required to first download the streaming service’s app onto your device. You will then need to subscribe to their monthly service fees which will enable you to access their content.

Most streaming services in the U.S.A have geo-blocking enabled in order to comply with copyright agreements. If you’re trying to stream from a U.S based streaming app in a different country, you will need to download a VPN onto your device.

England’s road to glory begins on 21 November, so let’s take a closer look at how you can watch England’s games in FIFA World Cup 2022 live without cable.

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Where To Stream England Games In FIFA World Cup 2022

TV Antenna

Antennas DirectThe simplest way to watch all of England’s matches live without subscribing to cable is with a TV antenna. However, you’ll need to live relatively close to broadcasting towers (usually within a 35-mile radius of your local broadcasting towers).

To access local broadcasting stations, you’ll first need to purchase an antenna and connect it to your TV, which should only take a few minutes. The best part is that there are no hidden fees involved. Watching soccer through a broadcasting network is free.

Catch all of England’s games on local networks such as FOX, FS1, and Telemundo. FOX and FS1 will broadcast all 48 group-stage matches, and matches that are being played simultaneously will be split between the two networks.

Telemundo network is committed to covering the majority of the World Cup matches; they will be broadcasting 40 of the group stage matches and all the knockout stages. Catch the remaining group stage matches live on the Universo network.

Sling TV

Sling Tv LogoWatching the FIFA World Cup on an antenna can be challenging to say the least, from signal-blocking buildings to constant adverts. That is why streaming services offer an alternative, more reliable means for high-quality streaming of live matches.

Sling TV streaming services offer one of the most affordable streaming packages for live-streaming games. Sling TV offers three packages to their subscribers.

The Sling TV’s Blue package costs $35 per month and is the ideal package for soccer fans. This package has over 31 channels, including the sporting networks such as ESPN, FOX, and FS1.

Unfortunately, the Blue package restricts subscribers to only one stream at a time. If you would like to have access to the simultaneous streaming function, you’ll need to upgrade to the Blue + Orange package, which will cost $50 per month.

The Blue + Orange package allows up to four additional devices to stream from one account. Another noteworthy part of this package is the rewind and pause feature. This feature gives you the ability to pause, rewind, and re-watch all the epic goals and saves.

Whether you want to stream live games on your mobile or Smart TV, Sling TV is compatible with a wide selection of devices such as Apple TV, Roku TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, and Android and IOS operating devices.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TVAre you looking for more from your streaming service than just a few channels? Hulu + Live TV provides High Definition (HD) streaming of live sports games, including every moment live from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Hulu + Live TV is exclusively restricted to streaming its content across the U.S.A and Japan. Hulu offers two packages to its subscribers, one of which starts at $69.99 per month. The second package is an ad-free option for $74.99 per month, which is beneficial if you want uninterrupted streaming, especially during a tense live game.

Hulu’s standard package, at $69.99 per month, will get English football fans excited as it offers more than just live streaming of all the games. Keep updated with the latest news and injuries with unlimited access to ESPN, FOX, FS1, and FS2.

Share all the great moments with your closest friends and family. The Hulu streaming app has a simultaneous-streaming feature that allows two additional devices to stream from the same account.

It’s hard to find another streaming app that gives its first-time subscribers a 30-day free trial period. Hulu doesn’t require any contracts, and they work on a month-to-month basis. Should you wish to cancel your subscription, there will be no additional charges.

Compatibility is not an issue for the Hulu streaming app. Hulu is compatible with Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, Smart TVs, Xbox, Chromecast, AppleTV, Nintendo, Playstation, Echo Show, and iOS and Android operating devices.


Dazn LogoDAZN streaming service extends its coverage to nine countries, including the U.S.A, Canada, Germany, Spain, and several others. DAZN is the home of live-streaming soccer and boxing, keeping its subscribers in the loop with the on-demand library.

All 64 games of the FIFA World Cup will be live-streamed in High Definition (HD) on the DAZN app. English soccer fans won’t miss a moment with the superior streaming quality.

The pause and rewind feature is an added bonus. Subscribers can analyze or re-watch all their best moments from the games or pause for a quick break.

DAZN subscription will cost you $19.99 per month. You’ll be able to stream all the action from two devices at the same time.

Unfortunately, there’s no free trial period, but then again, there are no contracts, so you simply cancel before the beginning of the month if you don’t want to continue with the service.

DAZN is compatible with Android and iOS operating devices, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku TV, Chromecast, Playstation, Smart TVs, and Xbox.

YouTube TV

YouTube TVYoutube TV offers its subscribers access to over 85 local channels, including live streaming of sports matches from around the world. Soccer fans that wish to see the likes of Rashford, Harry Kane, and England’s finest, will be able to catch them live on the YouTube TV streaming app.

YouTube TV is the premium streaming service that will ensure you stay informed with the latest news from the FIFA World Cup. Stream local and international channels in High Definition (HD), with access to ESPN, Telemundo, Universo, FOX, and FS1.

YouTube TV is affordable at only $64.99 per month and offers a free 14-day trial period for first-time subscribers. If you decide to continue with your subscription, the first three months will cost $54.99 per month.

There are also added features on the app, such as the unlimited DVR recording feature. You’ll be able to record every moment of England’s World Cup and store it for up to nine months.

If you have a large family, the YouTubeTV app allows three devices to simultaneously watch different content from the same account. So, keep the whole family entertained while you have uninterrupted viewing of England taking on the world.

You can connect most devices to the Youtube TV app, including Amazon Fire Stick, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku TV, Playstation, Chromecast, and Android and IOS operating systems.


Fubo tv LogofuboTV streaming app provides high definition and reliable live streaming of sports events. English soccer enthusiasts who are based in the U.S.A can stream every game of the FIFA World Cup through the fuboTV app.

If you are planning on signing up with fuboTV, their packages begin at $69.69 per month, and new subscribers that sign up will start a 7-day free trial period. New subscribers will be able to test the features of the app. Should they be unimpressed, they are free to cancel their subscription.

fuboTV has a variety of packages available. The Pro package is the most affordable plan that includes live sports channels such as ESPN, Telemundo, FS1, and FOX.

This package offers more than just sports channels. After the game, there are over 126 channels that will keep you entertained. The fuboTV app comes with 1000 hours of Cloud DVR storage, it’s not unlimited, but it’s enough hours to record several matches.

Most streaming services allow multiple devices to connect to a single account. The fuboTV app allows three devices to stream simultaneously from the same account, so you’ll never need to hide the remote while the soccer is on.

FuboTV is compatible with an impressive array of devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, RokuTV, Chromecast, AppleTV, Android TV, Smart TVs, and Android and IOS operating devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Stream The FIFA World Cup On Vidgo?

Yes, Vidgo is a premium streaming service that offers FS1, FOX, Telemundo, and ESPN. These networks will provide coverage of the FIFA World Cup.

Can I Watch The FIFA World Cup For Free?

The FIFA soccer app will provide highlights of the latest matches for free. Alternatively, local broadcasting networks can be accessed for free with an antenna.


Catch all of England’s World Cup matches live through a streaming app of your choice. Alternatively, there is the option to broadcast games through an antenna aerial.

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