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UNC Basketball Live Stream

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UNC basketball

The new age of live streaming has brought sports closer to fans. UNC-Chapel Hill hosts the fabulous Tar Heels, but how can you watch them outside of living TV? You can comfortably watch North Carolina on the same smart TV, phone, laptop, or tablet for cheaper than cable premiums.

The abundance of streaming platforms can help to have a service that you can search for whatever you wish to stream, such as Cordcutting, which stores your streaming platforms in a hub. This lets you search for games, teams, and highlights with ease as Cordcutting filters your search through all your streaming services and provides you with the best quality connections.

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Where to stream North Carolina Tar Heels?

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FuboTV offers a wide variety of sports content, including the North Carolina Tar Heels. To encourage subscribing, FuboTV provides a free trial that allows viewers to see if they would enjoy the service. This will enable viewers to watch a few games for free.

A great option with competitive prices, sports journalism coverage linked in-app, and multi-screen viewing to allow a few devices capable of viewing different sports simultaneously, FuboTV is an excellent streaming service to use.


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Watch On Fubo TV

CBS Sports

The long-standing sports channel has moved into the streaming industry. CBS Sports allows viewers to watch North Carolina live. CBS Sports has the benefit of playing your fantasy games through their site.

Additionally, it includes comprehensive coverage on many sports such as football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and many others. This service often uploads sports conferences, interviews, and post-game analytics to its streaming service. Its prices make it a more expensive option considering its benefits.


Sling TV offers cheap premiums after its free trial for viewing college basketball. The Tar Heels are available to live stream on game day and have excellent video quality and stability. Sling TV is has a few package deals that offer various subscriptions to up to 50 channels. These channels are all sports dedicated and include coverage of college basketball.

Sling TV Orange and blue cost only $35 each and $50 together. The channels offered don’t only include sports options and have Disney, Cartoon Network, and Comedy Central, to name a few. This platform is an excellent option for a balanced viewer or family.

Watch Sling TV

Watch On Sling TV

Watch ESPN

The streaming service ESPN offers, Watch ESPN is a great example of brilliant sports coverage. It provides stats and news on sports and live streaming many games such as those of the Tar Heels. Watch ESPN has free trials to allow people to test its site.

Watch ESPN has great journalism and coverage providing post-game analytics, interviews, and conferences. ESPN is a low-cost alternative to watching college basketball and many others.

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Watch On ESPN Live

YouTube TV

While somewhat limited in its coverage of sports, not live, YouTube TV offers coverage of UNC. Should you want to get YouTube TV for its wide array of other content, you will still be able to see short clips of interviews, conferences, and highlights for college basketball. This is all hosted on North Carolina’s YouTube TV page for the Tar Heels.

YouTube TV has millions of options outside of basketball for you to stream and can be very cheap considering its extensive catalog of content. However, it is expensive if you only wish to stream the Tar Heels.

YouTube TV

Watch On Youtube TV


Cordcutting is a brilliant service that benefits from searching through all your streaming platforms to find the best quality to watch on a Saturday game day. It also stores your services in a small hub, making accessing them quick and straightforward.


What cable TV channel are the Blue Devils on?

UNC Basketball is still available to watch on some sports channels on cable. These are;

The costs of cable TV continue to rise above those of streaming services and become less entertaining and provide less information to fans. Many sites offer cheaper premiums with better benefits such as free trials and discounts. Some Basketball teams are moving from TV broadcasting and switching to exclusive streaming services.

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