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How To Watch Philadelphia Phillies Games Without Cable

by David Miklos Hazi
Watch Philadelphia Phillies

Every single Philadelphia Phillies (R) game in 2023 can now be watched via a streaming service. This is great because it saves you money and you can watch Philadelphia Phillies games without cable tv anywhere you have an internet connection.

Cord-cutting has taken a leap forward and all US-based Major League Baseball team’s baseball games can be viewed with a streaming service (in-market) and every team can be streamed with MLB.TV (out-of-market live baseball games). This season you can watch the Philadelphia Phillies live on NBC Sports Philadelphia using a live TV streaming service. NBC Sports Philadelphia is currently carried by fuboTV, Hulu With Live TV, and YouTube TV.

For more information our comprehensive guide on how to watch Major League Baseball games without cable.

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Philadelphia Phillies Regional Sports Network Channels

To watch the Philadelphia Phillies baseball games without cable you need to find a streaming provider that offers NBC Sports Philadelphia. This channel is currently available on fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, or YouTube TV. It is not carried by AT&T TV or Sling TV.

MLB Channels on Fubo TV
MLB Channels on Hulu With Live TV
MLB Channels on Sling TV
MLB Channels on YouTube TV
NBC Sports Philadelphia
*Channel availability based on in-market location. Please check with the service provider for your availability.

Philadelphia Phillies Streaming TV Schedule

Looking for how to watch today’s Philadelphia Phillies baseball game? We have a schedule of all 162 Philadelphia Phillies baseball games and which streaming services the game is available on. Check out our full streaming TV schedule to stream the game.

OpponentTime & DateChannel
MLB Games on Fubo TV
MLB Games on Hulu With Live TV
MLB Games on Sling TV
MLB Games on YouTube TV
Atlanta BravesThu, Apr 1 3:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Atlanta BravesSat, Apr 3 4:05 PMFox Sports 1
Atlanta BravesSun, Apr 4 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
New York MetsMon, Apr 5 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
New York MetsTue, Apr 6 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
New York MetsWed, Apr 7 4:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Atlanta BravesFri, Apr 9 7:20 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Atlanta BravesSat, Apr 10 7:20 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Atlanta BravesSun, Apr 11 7:08 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ New York MetsMon, Apr 12 7:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ New York MetsTue, Apr 13 7:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ New York MetsWed, Apr 14 7:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ New York MetsThu, Apr 15 12:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
St. Louis CardinalsFri, Apr 16 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
St. Louis CardinalsSat, Apr 17 4:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
St. Louis CardinalsSun, Apr 18 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
San Francisco GiantsMon, Apr 19 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
San Francisco GiantsTue, Apr 20 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
San Francisco GiantsWed, Apr 21 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Colorado RockiesFri, Apr 23 8:40 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Colorado RockiesSat, Apr 24 8:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Colorado RockiesSun, Apr 25 3:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ St. Louis CardinalsMon, Apr 26 7:45 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ St. Louis CardinalsTue, Apr 27 7:45 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ St. Louis CardinalsWed, Apr 28 7:45 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ St. Louis CardinalsThu, Apr 29 1:15 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
New York MetsFri, Apr 30 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
New York MetsSat, May 1 6:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
New York MetsSun, May 2 7:08 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Milwaukee BrewersMon, May 3 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Milwaukee BrewersTue, May 4 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Milwaukee BrewersWed, May 5 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Milwaukee BrewersThu, May 6 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Atlanta BravesFri, May 7 7:20 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Atlanta BravesSat, May 8 7:20 PMFox Sports 1
@ Atlanta BravesSun, May 9 7:08 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Washington NationalsTue, May 11 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Washington NationalsWed, May 12 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Washington NationalsThu, May 13 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Toronto Blue JaysFri, May 14 6:37 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Toronto Blue JaysSat, May 15 3:07 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Toronto Blue JaysSun, May 16 1:07 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Miami MarlinsTue, May 18 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Miami MarlinsWed, May 19 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Miami MarlinsThu, May 20 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Boston Red SoxFri, May 21 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Boston Red SoxSat, May 22 7:15 PMFox
Boston Red SoxSun, May 23 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Miami MarlinsMon, May 24 6:40 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Miami MarlinsTue, May 25 6:40 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Miami MarlinsWed, May 26 6:40 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Miami MarlinsThu, May 27 12:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Tampa Bay RaysSat, May 29 1:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Tampa Bay RaysSun, May 30 1:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Cincinnati RedsMon, May 31 2:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Cincinnati RedsTue, Jun 1 7:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Cincinnati RedsWed, Jun 2 12:35 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Washington NationalsFri, Jun 4 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Washington NationalsSat, Jun 5 4:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Washington NationalsSun, Jun 6 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Atlanta BravesTue, Jun 8 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Atlanta BravesWed, Jun 9 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Atlanta BravesThu, Jun 10 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
New York YankeesSat, Jun 12 4:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
New York YankeesSun, Jun 13 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Los Angeles DodgersMon, Jun 14 1:00 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Los Angeles DodgersTue, Jun 15 1:00 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Los Angeles DodgersWed, Jun 16 1:00 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ San Francisco GiantsFri, Jun 18 1:00 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ San Francisco GiantsSat, Jun 19 1:00 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ San Francisco GiantsSun, Jun 20 1:00 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Washington NationalsTue, Jun 22 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Washington NationalsWed, Jun 23 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ New York MetsFri, Jun 25 7:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ New York MetsSat, Jun 26 4:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ New York MetsSun, Jun 27 1:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Miami MarlinsTue, Jun 29 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Miami MarlinsWed, Jun 30 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Miami MarlinsThu, Jul 1 6:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
San Diego PadresFri, Jul 2 6:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
San Diego PadresSat, Jul 3 4:05 PMFox Sports 1
San Diego PadresSun, Jul 4 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Chicago CubsMon, Jul 5 8:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Chicago CubsTue, Jul 6 8:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Chicago CubsWed, Jul 7 8:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Chicago CubsThu, Jul 8 8:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Boston Red SoxFri, Jul 9 7:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Boston Red SoxSat, Jul 10 4:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Boston Red SoxSun, Jul 11 1:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Miami MarlinsFri, Jul 16 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Miami MarlinsSat, Jul 17 6:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Miami MarlinsSun, Jul 18 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ New York YankeesTue, Jul 20 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ New York YankeesWed, Jul 21 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Atlanta BravesThu, Jul 22 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Atlanta BravesFri, Jul 23 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Atlanta BravesSat, Jul 24 6:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Atlanta BravesSun, Jul 25 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Washington NationalsMon, Jul 26 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Washington NationalsTue, Jul 27 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Washington NationalsWed, Jul 28 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Washington NationalsThu, Jul 29 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Pittsburgh PiratesFri, Jul 30 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Pittsburgh PiratesSat, Jul 31 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Pittsburgh PiratesSun, Aug 1 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Washington NationalsMon, Aug 2 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Washington NationalsTue, Aug 3 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Washington NationalsWed, Aug 4 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Washington NationalsThu, Aug 5 4:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
New York MetsFri, Aug 6 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
New York MetsSat, Aug 7 4:05 PMFox Sports 1
New York MetsSun, Aug 8 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Los Angeles DodgersTue, Aug 10 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Los Angeles DodgersWed, Aug 11 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Los Angeles DodgersThu, Aug 12 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Cincinnati RedsFri, Aug 13 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Cincinnati RedsSat, Aug 14 4:05 PMFox Sports 1
Cincinnati RedsSun, Aug 15 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Arizona DiamondbacksTue, Aug 17 9:40 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Arizona DiamondbacksWed, Aug 18 9:40 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Arizona DiamondbacksThu, Aug 19 3:40 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ San Diego PadresFri, Aug 20 10:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ San Diego PadresSat, Aug 21 8:40 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ San Diego PadresSun, Aug 22 3:40 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Tampa Bay RaysTue, Aug 24 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Tampa Bay RaysWed, Aug 25 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Arizona DiamondbacksThu, Aug 26 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Arizona DiamondbacksFri, Aug 27 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Arizona DiamondbacksSat, Aug 28 6:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Arizona DiamondbacksSun, Aug 29 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Washington NationalsMon, Aug 30 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Washington NationalsTue, Aug 31 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Washington NationalsWed, Sep 1 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Miami MarlinsFri, Sep 3 7:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Miami MarlinsSat, Sep 4 6:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Miami MarlinsSun, Sep 5 1:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Milwaukee BrewersMon, Sep 6 2:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Milwaukee BrewersTue, Sep 7 7:40 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Milwaukee BrewersWed, Sep 8 7:40 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Colorado RockiesThu, Sep 9 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Colorado RockiesFri, Sep 10 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Colorado RockiesSat, Sep 11 6:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Colorado RockiesSun, Sep 12 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Chicago CubsTue, Sep 14 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Chicago CubsWed, Sep 15 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Chicago CubsThu, Sep 16 6:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ New York MetsFri, Sep 17 7:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ New York MetsSat, Sep 18 7:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ New York MetsSun, Sep 19 1:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Baltimore OriolesMon, Sep 20 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Baltimore OriolesTue, Sep 21 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Baltimore OriolesWed, Sep 22 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Pittsburgh PiratesThu, Sep 23 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Pittsburgh PiratesFri, Sep 24 7:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Pittsburgh PiratesSat, Sep 25 4:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
Pittsburgh PiratesSun, Sep 26 1:05 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Atlanta BravesTue, Sep 28 7:20 PMFox Sports 1
@ Atlanta BravesWed, Sep 29 7:20 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Atlanta BravesThu, Sep 30 7:20 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Miami MarlinsFri, Oct 1 7:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Miami MarlinsSat, Oct 2 6:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
@ Miami MarlinsSun, Oct 3 1:10 PMNBC Sports Philadelphia
*All times are EST and subject to change.
**Availability based on in-market location.

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Watch Philadelphia Phillies Live Games on fuboTV

How to Stream Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Games on fuboTV
fuboTV is a service that broadcasts LiveTV over the internet, no cable required. This streaming service carries NBC Sports Philadelphia. Watch your favorite teams, network shows, news, and movies on 100+ channels. Plus on-demand entertainment including full TV series.

  • Price: $64.99/mo. to $79.99/mo.
  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Simultaneous Streams: 2
  • Number of Channels: 100+
  • Streaming Quality: 1080p, 4K HDR

fuboTV offers the following packages: Family ($64.99/month) and Elite ($79.99/month) plans. The fubo Family package contains 111 channels; 3 screens at once, and 250 hours of cloud DVR and the Elite package has 157 channels, 5 screens at once, 1000 hours of cloud DVR, and fubo Extra.

To learn more about check out our fuboTV guide.

Watch Phillies On fuboTV Now

Watch Phillies Games on Hulu With Live TV

How To Stream Philadelphia Phillies Games With Hulu Live TV
Hulu With LiveTV offers NBC Sports Philadelphia which means you’ll be able to watch Philadelphia Phillies games without cable. This service is one of the most popular streaming services. There are no contracts, installations, or hidden fees.

  • Price: $64.99/mo.
  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Number of Channels: 72
  • Number of Titles: 10,000+
  • Streaming Quality: 720p, 1080p, 4K Ultra HD

In addition to local in-market viewing for these teams, this service also offers ABC, ESPN, and TNT so you can catch nationally televised games. Hulu + Live TV has one of the best values out of any of the available streaming services.

Hulu only offers one live streaming TV package which is priced at $64.99/month. In addition to sports, Hulu + Live TV contains over 65 channels. Other popular channels offered by this service include Animal Planet, FX, National Geographic, History, USA, local channels, sports channels, and more.

To learn more check out our Hulu With Live TV guide.

Watch Phillies With Hulu

Watch MLB on ESPN+

How to Stream Philadelphia Phillies Games On ESPN+

ESPN+ is unlike the other streaming services because it is not technically a live-tv streaming service. That means you can’t live stream any of the ESPN networks through the service; however, ESPN+ offers a free stream of one MLB game for almost every single day of the MLB season. It is important to note that local market baseball games are blacked out and replaced with an out-of-market games alternative.

ESPN+ is far from the best service for MLB, but it is a really cool service overall. Subscribers get access to live streams and on-demand videos from just about every single sport. It also includes ESPN original TV series and access to exclusive MLB and fantasy baseball information. The best part is its incredibly inexpensive at just $6.99/month and $69.99/annual. Right now ESPN+ subscribers can also bundle Hulu on-demand and Disney+ for only $13.99/month.

To learn more check out our ESPN+ guide.

How to Watch MLB With ESPN+

Stream Live Philadelphia Phillies Games With MLB.TV

Watch Live Philadelphia National Games On MLB.TV

If you are a Major League Baseball fan then you will definitely want to check out the official MLB streaming service MLB.TV. You can stream every out-of-market regular-season game live or on-demand in HD for an annual ($129.99/annual) or monthly plans ($24.99/monthly). There are also plans just for your favorite MLB team only. MLB.TV only offers yearly plans for single team streams for a price of $109.99/annually. This is definitely for hardcore MLB fans. Please note that blackout restrictions can apply (but a VPN has been an effective solution). Students and veterans can receive a discount as well.

MLB.TV has very high quality and high-definition broadcast streams. You will get 60 frames per second on streaming devices, PC/MACs, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung, Android TV. You will get home and away broadcasts with pause and rewind DVR controls. Pitchcast maps out every single pitch.

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How To Stream Phillies Games Out-of-Market

Stream Philadelphia Phillies Games With ExpressVPN

One of the greatest annoyances to MLB cord-cutters is the blackout restrictions. Cord-cutters can bypass these restrictions easily by using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. A VPN is a simple software program that allows you to encrypt your traffic and mask your IP address by connecting to a server in a different location.

Streaming services such as MLB.TV is notorious for blackout restrictions. In order to bypass this, you need to connect to a server in a region that does not have a blackout. This may sound complicated but with the best VPNs, you can do this in just a few clicks. With services such as ExpressVPN, you can connect to a server out-of-market very quickly.

Not sure which VPN to use? Our top-rated VPN for streaming platforms is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is a fast, reliable, and inexpensive option to pair with your favorite streaming service. Plans begin as low as $8.32/month. You can try ExpressVPN free for 30-days.

Get ExpressVPN 30-Day Guarantee

Watch Their National League East Opponents

The MLB AL Central currently has five members: Atlanta Braves, Miami Marlins, New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, and Washington Nationals.

See Atlanta Braves Without Cable

TEAM INFO: Established in 1871, Atlanta Braves are now owned by Liberty Media. They play their home games at Truist Park and their current head coach is Brian Snitker.

Stream Miami Marlins Online

TEAM INFO: Established in 1993, Miami Marlins are now owned by Bruce Sherman. They play their home games at LoanDepot Park and their current head coach is Don Mattingly.

Check Out New York Mets

TEAM INFO: Established in 1962, New York Mets are owned by Steve Cohen. They play their home games at Citi Field and their current head coach is Buck Showalter.

Watch Washington Nationals Without Cable

TEAM INFO: Established in 1969, Washington Nationals are now owned by Mark Lerner. They play their home games at Nationals Park and their current head coach is Dave Martinez.

Complete 2023 Major Leauge Baseball Team Cord-Cutting Guide

AL West

Houston Astros

Los Angeles Angels

Oakland Atheltics

Seattle Mariners

Texas Rangers

AL Central

Chicago White Sox

Cleveland Guardians

Detroit Tigers

Kansas City Royals

Minnesota Twins

Al East

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

New York Yankees

Tampa Bay Rays

NL West

Arizona Diamondbacks

Colorado Rockies

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Diego Padres

San Francisco Giants

NL Central

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Milwaukee Brewers

Pittsburgh Pirates

St. Louis Cardinals

NL East

Atlanta Braves

Miami Marlins

New York Mets

Philadelphia Phillies

Washington Nationals

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1. What streaming service has Phillies games?

The streaming service that has Phillies games is MLB.TV. It’s a paid subscription service and subscribers can watch any game they want, but it’s not free to watch the games live on their site.

2. How can I watch the Phillies game online for free?

Watching the Phillies baseball game online for free is not a good idea because it is illegal and you could get in trouble. If you want to watch the Phillies game online, buy a legal stream at MLB.TV or use an app like NBC Sports App Live Extra on your phone or tablet.

3. What channel is Phillies game on today?

The Phillies are playing on Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia. Please visit also our post above for the latest Phillies game channels and schedules.

4. Can I watch the Phillies on Peacock?

You can watch the Philadelphia Phillies on Peacock. The two most common channels to view games are SportsNet and NBC Sports Philadelphia.

5. How can I watch the Phillies game without Comcast?

There are a few ways to watch Phillies games without Comcast. One way is to use an antenna and tune into the broadcast station for the game, WIP-TV. Another option is using MLB TV or another service with streaming services like Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, or YouTube TV that includes ESPN.

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