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Plex Adds 18 More Channels to Its Free Streaming Lineup – Latest Update

by David Miklos Hazi
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Want to be a cable cutter and free yourself from an expensive cable bill — without losing out on a mountain of free content? Then you need to look at some of the legitimate free TV services out there.

TV services like Tubi, Roku, and Plex offer free streaming of some of the best TV shows and movies, all without roping you into a subscription or charging any money. Plus, these services also have free live TV, streaming some of the best TV shows and series straight to your device.

To sweeten the deal, Plex has added 18 more channels to its lineup of shows. If you are a music lover and enjoy using your television as a radio, then you are going to love the new channels as almost all of them have to do with music. 

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What Channels Did Plex Add?

Education and Entertainment

There has been a rebrand of one channel, ‘History Hit.’ This channel shows off stories from the history books, taking you on a journey from ancient Egypt all the way to the history we are making today in the modern era. 

Plex has also added the INFAST channel, which shows off exciting lifestyle content revolving around food, travel, outdoor activities, sports, and stories around the world. It’s something that you can always tune into whenever you want to expand your horizons a little bit, and there’s always something interesting for you to watch and discover.

Music From Around the World

Many of the channels that Plex has added to its lineup include ‘Flashback 70’s,’ which shows some of the greatest music from the ’70s, ‘Easy Listening’ which allows you to settle in, relax, and mellow out to some of the best chart-topping easy listening music. ‘Nothin’ but’ 90s’ shows off all the sounds of the ’90s, as well as several channels by Stingray.

Stingray music is an audio service that focuses heavily on streaming music. It allows you to stream 24/7 advertisement-free music from any genre you want.

Some of the Stingray included channels are: ‘Quello Concerts By Stingray,’ which gives full-length concert films and documentaries about artists and the stories behind the songs, and ‘Stingray Classica,’ which takes a more elegant side and shows off operas, ballets, and the best in classical music.

Finally, if you like singing music more than listening to it, you’ve got the ‘Stingray Karaoke’ channel which delivers a ton of old and new songs, all with the lyrics on screen! Sing your heart out along to the music!

Here’s the full list of new channels on Plex:

  1. INFAST 
  2. INFAST No 
  3. Alternative 
  4. Easy Listening 
  5. Euro Hits 
  6. Flashback 70s 
  7. Hip-Hop/R&B 
  8. Nothin’ But 90s 
  9. Pop Adult
  10. Qello Concerts by Stingray 
  11. Smooth Jazz 
  12. Stingray Classica
  13. Stingray Karaoke 
  14. The Spa 
  15. Today’s K-Pop 
  16. Y2K 
  17. Éxitos del Momento 
  18. History Hit 

How Do I Access Plex?

If you want to access and view some of these channels for yourself, as well as all of the streamable movies and TV shows that Plex has to offer, then you simply need to go to Plex.com, and start watching right now. That’s it.

You don’t need to sign up for an account or take out your credit card, and you just need to click a few buttons to start watching all the content you could ever want.

There’s no trick and no catch, although you can create an account in order to save certain movies and shows to a watchlist, set your audio and subtitle settings, and also control what sources of entertainment appear on your homepage.

Plex is starting to advertise itself as a ‘home base’ for all of the content out there on the web. For example, they are starting to advertise content that is exclusively available on paid-for apps like Discovery and Paramount. By doing this, they want to put everything you could potentially watch into one place and then allow you to pick and choose what you want to watch.

What About the Plex Subscription?

While you can get the content and live TV channels for free, there is a Plex Pass you can purchase if you want to gain some additional quality of life features.

For example, a plex pass will allow you to record live tv if you hook a compatible digital antenna to your media server. You can also download and mobile sync your plex library to your phone to watch offline, and you can even skip the intros on TV shows if you are in a binging mood.

What Are Some Other Free TV Services I Can Use With Plex?

Of course, if you love TV and also love not having to pay for your television watching habits, then you don’t have to stop with just Plex. There are plenty of streaming services that have a similar premise. Some of them even have live TV in addition to you being able to stream thousands of movies and TV shows.

You can use websites such as Tubi, Roku, Crackle, and Pluto TV to supplement your watching habits. However, you will probably notice a bit of overlap between what the applications have to offer.

While each app has some unique shows and content to offer, and you’ll find some hidden gems, a lot of them offer similar content, and some even stream the same live TV channels.

Don’t let that discourage you, though. There’s still going to be enough content for you to watch on all of these services, and they all work quite well together. Plus, you don’t have to pay for any of these apps, and much like with Plex, you only have to create an account if you want some additional quality of life features.

So if you want to give the world of free TV a try, you should start with Plex. It’s as easy as going to the website, clicking ‘watch now,’ and then browsing the free streaming channels or the on-demand content to find what you like.

From home improvement shows, music video channels, classic old TV, and channels that show nothing but the Walking Dead, you will be sure to find a streaming channel that will keep you hooked on Plex TV!

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