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How to Live Stream Michigan State University Basketball- Streaming Guide 2023

by David Miklos Hazi
Watch Michigan State University Basketball

It’s basketball season and Spartans know what that means!

It’s game time!

Time to watch as the Michigan State University Spartans battle it out for the top spot , yet again, in the Big Ten Conference. With 16 Big Ten championships under their belts, the Michigan State Spartans are hoping to solidify their college basketball glory in East Lansing and abroad.

Spartans fans can expect clashes on home ground Breslin center and away against such rivals as Illinois, Indiana, Rutgers, Wisconsin and the Spartans ultimate rival Michigan Wolverines.

The big clash of the Big Ten to look out for this season though, are the clashes with Maryland, who rival Michigan State University and play on home turf, the Xfinity Center in College Park.

(The 2023 preseason has already seen major gains for MSU. With victorious games played on Saturday night, Jan 29 against Michigan and Tuesday night, February 1 against Maryland.)

Find out the details of the Michigan state university games and game time on the official Michigan State Spartans site, Spartanswire.

Excited yet?

Thought so.

The question is though, what are the best ways to watch MSU basketball without cable in 2023?

Which tv channel is best to watch the team we all love, and how do we live stream live tv channels?

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MSU SpartansHow Do You Watch Michigan State University Live Without Cable in 2023?

Without cable tv, Tuesday night live tv might seem impossible.

But, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

In fact, an online stream service gives you all the channels you need to watch the Michigan State University games, with added location benefits.

Location benefits? We’re glad you asked.

Cable and over-the-air tv channels have regional viewing access, meaning that you might miss Spartans games if you are watching from out of state. It also means that even if you are in the great state of Michigan when Michigan State plays an away game, you might not have access to the channel that is broadcasting the game.

And we just can’t have that now can we? A Big Ten season where we can only watch five games is not what a Spartans fan is about.

An online live stream is your best bet! And, with so many online stream services to choose from, you’ll be in the game from the get go!

The major tv channels that show Michigan State games are Fox Sports, ESPN and CBS. Finding an online stream site that covers all three of these channels is the most effective and value-for-money option. Be aware though, as some regional restrictions will still apply even to these online streaming services.

The solution to this? Get a VPN!

What’s a VPN and What’s It Got to Do With the Michigan State Spartans?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and refers to an internet network that you purchase and attach to your browser. A VPN service using smart encryption tactics to redirect any searches you make through an eternal and private server before sending our searches out.

This is important to watch Michigan State live especially if you are out of state or out of the country, as many streaming devices, sports channels and sports app do not operate outside of the United States. And just because you are far away from Lansing, does not mean that you should be missing out on the action.

As will everything though, if you do not pay for the product, you are the product. Beware of free VPN services as they are often slow and not very functional for watching the Michigan State Spartans live.

Paid VPNs are fairly inexpensive though, and often come with a free trial period for you to decide if you will be keeping the service or not. VPNs will allow you to watch any of the following streaming services, and will give you, and all other Spartans fans like you, the surety of streaming Michigan State live from wherever you happen to be.

View the Michigan State Spartans With FuboTV

FuboTV is the premier streaming site for accessing the channels you need to properly live stream the Spartans.

FuboTV is known as a Sports-First network and sits as a direct rival to traditional tv. While it is a bit expensive, it comes with all the channels you could ever need for College Basketball. This streaming site comes stocked full of various interesting channels for your viewing pleasure, but, most importantly, FuboTV gives you access to:


FuboTV is also supported by almost all streaming devices, making it a perfect choice for on-the-go Spartan that you are!



View the Michigan State Spartans With Sling TV

Sling TV is a paid streaming service, but also offers a “Sling Free” ad-supported version of their program. Free streaming with Sling does exist if you don’t mind the adverts!

Probably the most exciting feature of Sling TV is that you can have multiple screens watching the same live stream with Sling Watch Parties.

You and your friends can now co-view the game simultaneously from different devices. And, if that wasn’t enough, Sling Watch Parties have a capacity for text and video chats alongside the live television stream.

You may as well be at the stadium!

Make sure you do your research when picking a Sling TV plan though. Not all the plans come standard with the channels you need to fully enjoy game time.

Sling Blue is the least likely to get you the viewing you need, although it will cover most of your basic entertainment purposes.

Choose Sling Orange and upgrade it with the Sports Extra package to gain access to:


Sling Orange is the premier plan on the Sling tv service and getting yourself the sports extra package is very important for never missing out on the action of the entire college basketball circuit.

Sling TV Streaming Service


Getting It in the Back of the Net

Choosing the correct streaming service for watching MSU Basketball 2023 is going to be your greatest investment this year. Make sure you do your research and choose wisely, so you don’t have to miss a thing!

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