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How to Watch Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Live? – Ultimate Guide

by David Miklos Hazi
University of Kentucky Athletics

The ranked 10th team in their division has a large fanbase and will continue to grow. Where can you watch this great team? Most college basketball put a strong emphasis on stadium presence.

That doesn’t mean it’s your only option, cord-cutting offers a platform that hosts streaming services in one place. They keep many sports streaming sites together as they know avid fans watch live and need access to all streaming sites to combat regional blocking.

Why restrict your options to one site when there are many more to choose from that can suit your preference and needs? There are many streaming options for you to choose from. Each team has its broadcasting streaming rights and thereby not all teams are on every streaming service.

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What Channel is the Kentucky Wildcats Basketball On?

The University of Kentucky has many sites that it has broadcasting rights with. Namely, ESPN as the cable tv option is highly ranked as they have all their games live and host highlights, watch parties, and reruns if you have missed a game.

You will still fall into the trap of ads that play in or around the game. That won’t be the case if you were to live stream the Wildcats. If you want to be rid of ads try using a streaming service instead.

University of Kentucky WildcatsUniversity of Kentucky Wildcats

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Where to Watch Kentucky Wildcats for Free?

There are many options to look at for free viewing of the Kentucky Wildcats. FuboTV whilst expensive monthly premiums have 1-7 day free trials with some having the first month free. This is to promote themselves and hope for you to subscribe or upgrade. There isn’t a free cable channel to watch the wildcats on.

The idea of streaming services has its benefits, whilst it isn’t a cartoon network they allow users to live stream games. In addition, YouTube hosts the Wildcats in all their glory but live games are limited to the paying members, again there are short free trails to try to persuade your buying hand.

Almost all games are available after they’re live on most platforms. This means if you’re already paying a lower subscription to a sports streaming platform you may be able to watch the games just after they are live.

Watching the game after it’s aired is no fun and is why premiums to sports broadcasting networks are so expensive. The option of reusing free trails and creating new accounts then canceling your subscription so you do not pay is available but is tiresome and requires effort.

There is NO lasting free viewing option.

Sports Streaming Platforms to Watch Kentucky Wildcats


FuboTV is an industry heavyweight offering premium packages with many benefits. Benefits such as multiple simultaneous device viewing, live news, and no ads are a few great reasons to try fuboTV.

FuboTV has a simple design that is very user-friendly and easy to find your sport and team with ease. Its recommendations also remember your favorite team so you don’t need to search tirelessly for your team. FuboTV has a very large hold on sports streaming and focuses on creating the best of sports channels.


YouTube TV

YouTube TV allows you to stream the match live at a premium price, however unfortunately they don’t post the games once they’re finished. YouTube offers a wide variety of post-game analyses, interviews, conferences with some of the players, coaches, and staff.

The overwhelming downside to using YouTube TV to watch Kentucky Wildcats games is that you need to watch them live and as soon as the game is over you can’t see any reruns on the platform. One view per match timed well, is an unfortunate but popular review from fans.

It is important to mention that there are highlights and clips posted by the Wildcats channel that is available for free.



ESPN is a titan in sports streaming services. Aside from cable viewership which often gives free login information to its members as an add-on. You can watch Kentucky wildcats online live through WatchESPN, the ESPN app, or ESPN TV.

ESPN allows subscribers to view the matches after the game is over in case they wish to rewatch the game with friends or family. They broadcast interviews, conferences with staff and players as well as aftermath analytics.

ESPN allows multiple devices viewing for you to watch your preferred sport as well as allowing someone else to do the same should the schedules clash. This is perfect if there are multiple matches you wish to watch at the same time or if your family wishes to watch something else.



Cord-cutting is a vital resource and platform to use. Whilst the aforementioned sites are streaming platforms to watch Kentucky via, Cord Cutting is a platform that groups all sporting sites for your ease. This means they organize the platforms according to your use and needs. If you primarily watch basketball through two or three apps then cord Cutting helps keep your browser or tv organized.

Best of all. Cord-cutting allows you to search its browser(Through all the channels)for your show, sport, or even team and then directs you to use all of your sites to provide you with the best quality. This is perfect if you aren’t sure what teams are licensed with which sporting channels.

History of the Kentucky Wildcats

The Wildcats are currently working their way up through the division 1 NCAA tournament. Kentucky Wildcats have been spectacular since their beginning in 1946 holding an average 82.5% free throw percentage. Tyler Herro had a 93.55% free throw percentage during his 2018-2019 season with the Wildcats.

Kentucky stood 8th at the end of the 2020-2021 season and held a balanced score of wins and defeats. The current coach, John Calipari joined as head coach in 2009 and within a few years won the 2012 championship. The Kentucky Wildcats have an impressive history and statistics and are due to climb the ladder through their next seasons to claim another trophy.

The University of Kentucky has been one of the most successful NCAA division teams. They hold the all-time winning percentage in both wins(.765) and the all-time wins of 2 327.

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