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Everything Coming To HBO MAX In October 2023

by David Miklos Hazi
Everything Coming To HBO MAX In October 2022

HBO MAX is one of the top streaming sites today. With a catalog of original content, compelling films, and a ton of old-school cartoons, the service serves over 70 million subscribers. Although it does not add new content as frequently as other streamers like Netflix or Hulu, it does boast some great picks of new content each month.

For October, it is adding seven new titles, including new seasons of beloved shows, movies, and documentaries.

Keep reading to see what you’ll catch on HBO MAX in October.

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What Are The New Shows And Movies Coming To HBO In October?

Conversations With a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes

Yvonne Orji is an Emmy-nominated actor known for her role in HBO MAX’s Insecure and her 2020 special Momma, I Made It! Momma, I Made It! is a one-hour stand-up special revolving around Yvonne’s youth in Nigeria and how having a Nigerian-American identity lends to her life today.

Between comedic moments, this stand-up special reverts back to Yvonne’s hometown in Nigeria and offers viewers a glimpse into Yvonne’s youth. It also examines her relationship with her parents through a hilarious lens.

Her follow-up to Momma, I Made It!, Yvonne Orji: A Whole Me offers more comedic insight on issues and aspects of her life. Yvonne speaks about the intricacies and difficulties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, how her parents’ identities as Nigerian immigrants affected her life, and other personal content, such as dating in this day and age.

The show blends stand-up and scripted stories that delve into Yvonne’s life and double as mirrors for the audience. Yvonne is not scared to dive into tough topics and follow a heart-warming story up with a comedic tale. Don’t miss this one!

October 6th: Pennyworth: The Origin Of Batman’s Butler, Season 3 Premiere

Bruno Heller created this show that examines the life of the butler that serves the Wayne family, Arthur Pennyworth. Before Pennyworth assumed his role as a butler, he served in the military, which lends a lot to his personality and personal desires.

Throughout season one, Pennyworth worked as a bouncer at a bar to make extra cash to fund his own security company. Soon he finds his way to Thomas Wayne, and the two become co-workers.

In the second season, the established character, Pennyworth, owns his own club amid a potential civil war. Season three will take place five years after season two left off. The civil war ended and superheroes and supervillains emerged. Hence the title of this season.

The trailer promises all of the good old-fashioned must-haves in a superhero show or movie: comedy, intense fight scenes, well-rounded characters, villains you love to hate, and great costumes.

October 7th: Habla Loud

Habla Loud is a continuation of the acclaimed HBO series Habla. In fact, it is the sixteenth segment in the Habla series. It is a one-hour segment that features inspiring and insightful interviews with various Latinx creatives in the industry. The segment focuses on actors​​ Wilson Cruz and Isabella Gomez, musicians Leila Cobo, Carla Morrison, and the former Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, to name a few.

Fourteen different people came together for interviews in Habla Loud. Their directive? To habla loud or speak loudly and evoke change within the community and the world.

Each interviewee shares their individual story about breaking into the spotlight and how they represent their community through their creative career.

October 10th: Avenue 5, Season 2

This series stars Hugh Laurie, Zach Woods, and Lenora Crichlow, and it blends the genres of comedy and science-fiction. The first season is set in space, where a wealthy individual named Herman Judd decides to take his aircraft on a two-month journey through space. The aircraft, named Avenue 5, malfunctions and extends the trip from two months to three years. Plus, it kills the pilot, putting them in an even deeper spot of trouble.

Why is it a problem the two-week trip will now take three years? The crew only brought enough materials for two weeks. The first season delves into the drama and suspense with this comedic sci-fi exploration.

The second season continues the story and adds even more comedic commentary on the direction technology moves toward daily. The spacecraft remains in space, and the trailer states the crew has to tell the passengers they will be in space for even longer than they anticipated.

Although Avenue 5 experienced year-long delays in production due to COVID-19, the series is back with as much ruckus, chaos, laughter, and excellent acting as the first season. Hugh Laurie reprises his character as a seemingly calm and collected commander who in reality, struggles to keep his composure under the extreme circumstances.

October 14th: Fixer Upper: The Castle

This is a new reality series that will air on HBO MAX as well as Magnolia Network. Chip and Joanna Gaines are the married couple that invented and own Magnolia Network, a television channel dedicated to broadcasting reality TV related to home renovations, cooking, gardening, and other home care projects.

Chip and Joanna always had their eyes on an old castle in Waco, Texas. Well, the couple bought the castle and filmed their experience renovating the monument.

Their goal was to revitalize the castle and make it pop again. Illuminating its illustrious history and not letting its beauty go unnoticed to passersby. The castle underwent construction in 1890 and lasted 23 years. In 1913 it stood at 6,000 square feet and homed various families throughout the past 100 years. In 2019, Joanna and Chip bought the home and began their remodeling and reconstruction.

Fixer Upper had several seasons and spinoffs as it focused on the famous couple traveling around Waco, Texas, and purchasing whatever old home they saw fit for a redesign.

The couple buys homes that most people overlook and ‘fix them up’ for new families to dwell in and create new memories inside. Chip focuses on the constructive and heavy-lifting side of the reconstruction, and Joanna does the design layouts and interior design.

October 17th: The Vow, Season 2

The first season of the true-crime series, The Vow, dropped on August 23rd, 2020. Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer directed this series about the NXIVM cult led by Keith Raniere. The NXIVM cult formed as a self-help and self-improvement group dedicated to bettering each other’s lives but soon, news leaked of what happened in the cult behind closed doors.

Raniere brainwashed tons of women into starving themselves, permanently scarring themselves with his initials right above their pubic areas, and they had to have sex with him.

The first season of the series dives into the terrifying reality of the cult and the people involved. In 2021, Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison, and one of his recruiters, actor Allison Mack, was also found guilty of brainwashing women into joining the cult. She is only serving three years in prison.

Some other people mentioned or starring in season one include the reporter who took the NXIVM cult as his beat, Frank Parlato. Another journalist involved in reporting the criminal activity of the cult is the New York Times journalist Barry Meier.

Additionally, one of the cult member’s mothers, Catherine Oxenberg, does everything she can to save her daughter from the cult.

The second season revolves around Rainier’s trial while still interviewing and speaking with people who still support him. This season also delves deeper into Keith’s backstory and provides details on how he got to be the criminal mastermind he is.

October 18th: Mama’s Boy

This is a documentary that focuses on Dustin Lance Black, who won an Oscar for his screenplay of Milk. Milk tells the tale of Harvey Milk, who set a record as the first openly gay elected official in the state of California. This film is the biographical story of Milk’s life.

Mama’s Boy looks at Black’s life through a similar lens. It explores his hometown, significant landmarks, and most importantly, Black’s close-knit relationship with his mother. Black came out and received nothing but support from his mother, who did not have an easy life growing up.

The documentary speaks on her diagnosis with polio as a child, several marriages resulting in abuse, Mormon upbringing, and her deep-rooted love for her son.

The documentary is based on Black’s memoir of a similar title: Mama’s Boy: A Story from Our Americans. In addition to watching Black’s history, the film interviews his husband, Tom Daley, who won a gold medal at the Olympics as an openly gay diver, Paris Barclay, the first openly gay president of the Actor’s guild of America, and an acclaimed director, producer, and writer.

Ultimately, the documentary explores the relationship between identity, acceptance, and the importance of familial support and fighting for your rights.

Wrapping Up

October is a great season for holiday-themed activities, pumpkin-flavored food and drinks, and new content to stream. HBO MAX does not offer any new spooky content during the month of October, but with new documentaries, seasons, and stand-up specials, you won’t be disappointed with your content choices.

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