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Everything Coming To Disney+ in October 2023

by David Miklos Hazi
Disney+ in October 2022 New Shows and Movies

Disney+ is a great destination for everything Disney, Marvel, and ABC. Since Disney owns a bunch of platforms and adds to their catalog daily, you’ll never struggle to find something to watch on the streaming service. October is a popular month for many streaming services because of Halloween, and it signals the beginning of the holidays.

A lot of families plan trips home to spend with their friends and families, and who can argue over a good movie? So, if you want to know what you can catch on Disney+ this October, keep reading!

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What Are The New Shows And Movies Coming to Disney+ in October?

Live Episodes Of Dancing With The Stars

Dancing WIth The StarsABC hosts Dancing With the Stars every Monday at 5 PM PT and 9 PM ET. The dance competition is hosted by Tyra Banks, a beloved model and a prominent television host. Disney owns ABC, so it has the right to broadcast the series on the platform. You can watch the show on Disney+ while your sister watches it on live television in her room.

Dancing With the Stars introduces new contestants each season, one professional dancer and one actor, athlete, or other kinds of media or entertainment personality. The duos work together each week to come up with a dance to impress the judges and score the coveted 30.

Tune in for great dance numbers and expert choreography, and to watch the blossoming relationships between the dancers.

Episodes Of Star Wars Andor

Star Wars AndorEvery Wednesday, Star Wars Andor will release a new episode. In 2016, The Star Wars franchise released a film titled Rogue One, in which a gaggle of people teams up to try and steal the Empire’s most dangerous weapon, The Death Star. Andor is a prequel to that film. Andor will follow Cassian Andor, the rebel fighter, and the series takes place five years before Rogue One.

The series has 12 episodes slated for release.

New Episodes Of The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty DucksThe Mighty Ducks: Game Changers started in 2021 and follows a group of pre-teen boys who form their own hockey team after the protagonist, Evan, doesn’t make the prestigious hockey team, The Mighty Ducks. So, the team’s former coach decides to coach Evan’s team.

Season one focused on the origination of the team and overcoming challenges to achieve your dreams. Season two focuses on a summer program where the team battles other hockey teams and attempts to become the best of the best in the junior league.

The Mighty Ducks is based on the 1992 film of the same name. Catch new episodes every Wednesday in October.

Season 33 Of The Simpsons

The Simpsons on Disney+The Simpsons is the longest-running animated sitcom, and it’s the longest-running show on Fox, which Disney owns, so it makes sense the show landed on Disney+. In fact, Disney+ has the first 32 seasons of The Simpsons. While season 34 continues to air, catch up on the other 33 seasons of the hilarious family in Springfield.

The Simpsons follows a five-member family of an aloof father, a loving mother, a trouble-making son, a child prodigy, and a baby who loves her binkie. The Simpsons also has one of the most iconic theme songs in television history, inspiring several movies and television shows in some aspect.

Puppy Dog Pals Episode 1 Season 5

PUPPY DOG PALS on Disney+Puppy Dog Pals revolves around two puppy dogs, Bingo and Rolly, who go on adventures when their owner leaves them alone. The animation is computer-animated, and the show also features a cat named Hissy. Parents love this cartoon as it shows their children the importance of imagination and exploring the area they live in, and experiencing new adventures each day.

Seasons one through four are already on Disney+ but catch the first episode of the fifth and final season on the platform in October.

Season 1 and 2 of Zorro

Zorro is a show from the 50s that revolved around the masked vigilante otherwise known as Zorro. Zorro travels from his hometown in Spain to Los Angeles. Guy Williams stars as Zorro, who helps native Latinx and indigenous people stay safe during the oppressive reign in Los Angeles.

The platform is bringing the show back for viewers to indulge in again.


She Hulk On Disney+She-Hulk: Attorney at Law began releasing episodes on August 18, 2022. The first season continues to release episodes each week throughout October. Jessica Gao created this series modeled after the She-Hulk character in Marvel Comics. The premise of the show is an ordinary attorney named Jennifer Walters leads a double life when she transforms into the gargantuan She-Hulk.

Walters received her extraordinary powers after her blood was contaminated with her relative, Bruce Banner’s (The Hulk’s) blood. She tries everything she can to avoid her powers, but it is no use. When she gets angry, she becomes the She-Hulk.

Catch the new episodes every Thursday in October.

Werewolves by Night

WEREWOLF by Night on Disney+This 2022 superhero series revolves around some monster hunters upset by the death of their leader. They have to band together to try and uncover an important artifact to bring them face to face with one of the most dangerous monsters they’ve ever seen.

Big Shot Season Two

Big Shot stars John Stamos, Jessalyn Gilsig, and Richard Robichaux. The first season aired last year and shared a story about a college basketball coach with some anger management issues. Due to his ever-wavering mood and unstable attitude, he gets fired from his position at the college and moves to California.

When he gets to California, he takes up an offer as a girls’ basketball coach for a private school. The coach soon finds himself trying to turn the high school basketball team into a winning, champion team.

But basketball is not the only plot of the show. Besides the hooped sport, the girls (and the coach) explore love, life, friendship, difficult situations, and heartwarming moments in the first season. The second season starts with the coach’s determination to prove himself as the award-winning coach he used to be.

He wants to get his team on ESPN, and to do so he recruits a new player. The second season will also have its moments of romance, tension, and drama to keep viewers immersed in the riveting drama.

All Four Seasons Of Sofia The First

Sofia The First On Disney+Sofia the First is an extremely popular animated fantasy series about a girl who becomes a princess after her mother marries into royalty. Sofia navigates her newfound identity as a princess with a traditional Disney touch: she has the company of three fairies at her side. This show emphasizes the importance of showing kindness, generosity, honesty, and love.

Four Seasons Of Bear In The Big Blue House

Bear in the Big Blue House had a nine-season run, and Disney Plus is adding four seasons of the beloved show to the platform in October.

The show told educational stories about a bear who lives in a big blue house and helps all of his friends, including an otter, a mouse, and a lemur. The show uses songs and interesting storylines to teach kids how to share, get along, and work together.

All Three Seasons of PB&J Otter

PB&J Otter on Disney+This cartoon originated in 1998 and told a tale of three otters who live their lives on a houseboat. Jim Jinkins, the creator of Doug, made this series to educate and entertain children in the late 90s. Each episode followed a structure. The characters were introduced.

Usually, the episodes centered around the three otters, Peanut, Butter, and Jelly, and faced them with some kind of dilemma. The episode provided a problem and showed how the trio worked together to solve the issue.

In the pilot, the three otters need to gather a specific kind of fruit for their mom to bake their favorite dessert. So, they team up and gather the fruit. Every episode will be available to stream on Disney+ in October.

Hall Of Villains

Meg Donnelly of Zombies hosts this special from 2019, which led viewers down a hallway filled with four musical performances. Catch these spooky performances from favorite Disney stars such as Meg Donnelly and Kylie Cantrall.

Two Seasons Of The Mysterious Benedict Society

The Mysterious Benedict Society on Disney+This original series is based on a series of novels of the same name. Mr. Benedict is the star of this series, and he enlists four kids to solve a global emergency. His twin brother, Mr. Curtain, runs a cult-like school that brainwashes children, much like the Thought Police in George Orwell’s 1984.

The four kids Mr. Benedict chooses are to go to Mr. Curtain’s school and defeat him and stop him from spreading this terrifying evil throughout their world.

Season Two focuses on the four kids commencing a plan to save Mr. Benedict as he’s been kidnapped. Tune in every Wednesday for a new episode of The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Wrapping Up

October is a fantastic month for streaming services. Disney+ will add several new titles, continuations of acclaimed series, and some content from the 1900s. With so much to choose from, where will you start?

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